The Zoning Division is responsible for the issuance of permits and inspection of new structures in addition to enforcement of various other sections of the City Code, for the purpose of promoting the public health, safety, comfort, and welfare of the residents of Green, and to protect the property rights of all individuals by assuring the compatibility of uses and practices.

The Zoning Division receives, reviews and processes applications for the following permits:

Land and structures in Green may not be occupied or used; and structures may not be erected, constructed, enlarged, moved or structurally altered, except in conformity with all of the Zoning Code regulations.

All commercial, industrial, and multi-family projects, as well as signs mounted in the ground, require review and approval by the Planning Commission prior to issuance of a zoning certificate.

A Fee Schedule has been provided with a complete listing of permits and their cost. Along with a number of Fact Sheets that explain the detailed process for each different type of zoning permit.

Below are a couple links that will assist with the permit process:

 Summit County Public Health

1867 West Market Street
Akron, OH
Telephone: 330.926.5600


 Summit County Department of Building Standards

John Labriola
Chief Building Official
1030 E. Tallmadge Avenue
Akron, OH
Telephone: 330.630.7280

Residential Plans Examiner:
Pat Shane
Telephone: 330.630.7076

Code Violations & Reporting

While Green Zoning is responsible for ensuring that structures are constructed in compliance with the Code, we are also responsive to reports from residents, property owners, and business owners about possible nuisance conditions. The most common are described below, along with Green Zoning's procedure for abatement.

    • Grass Violation: a violation condition exists on any property when grass & weeds exceed 12 inches in height, whether the dwelling or structure is occupied or not; properties of 5 acres or more can be exempted. When a violation condition exists, Green Zoning will notify the property owner of record, who has 10 days to bring the property into compliance. After that time, Green Zoning will have the required maintenance performed and invoice the property owner for costs incurred; after 30 days, unpaid invoices are added to the property taxes for collection.
    • Litter: Green Zoning is responsible for enforcing city code which prohibits dumping or accumulating discarded items on private or public property.
    • Inoperable Vehicles: code prohibits apparently inoperable vehicles from being stored in the open: wrecked, missing parts, up on blocks, etc. These vehicles must be repaired, stored inside or removed from the property. Exceptions can be made for Collector Vehicles when they are actively being restored; contact Zoning to discuss specifics or report a possible violation. A common misconception is that if a neighbor's vehicle hasn't moved in some time, or they don't use it all the time- it's a violation; that's not always the case. Again, give us a call to discuss.


Report a possible violation: zoning@cityofgreen.org or call 330.896.6605.


Zoning Department Staff

Mindy Lawrence, Secretary
Tom Fazio, Code Inspector

To set up an inspection contact Tom Fazio at tfazio@cityofgreen.org or call 330.896.6605.