Water Quality

The City of Green is confident in the water quality for residents of Green who are on municipal water provided by Aqua Ohio (AquaAmerica.com).   See letter from Aqua Ohio to Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer

Each year, Aqua Ohio is required to submit an annual water quality report to the EPA.   The report submitted in July 2015 reported non-detectable levels of lead in the water it provides.   Read the full report (submitted July 2015).

EPA Recommendations
However, according to the EPA, testing your water is the only way to confirm it is lead free to ensure lead is not leaching into your drinking water from pipes in your home.  

The EPA recommends that you want to test your water if: 

  • your home has lead pipes (lead is a dull gray metal that is soft enough to be easily scratched with a house key), or
  • your non-plastic plumbing was installed before 1986.

Well Water Recommendations
See EPA recommendations for private well drinking water quality.