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Union Square Status Update

Union Square Status Update

Union Square Investments, Ltd. managing partners Bob DeHoff has indicated that the 146 acres of Union Square (see attached map) has been owned by Union Square Investments for approximately 17 years. In this time, Charleston Place Residential Subdivision has been constructed as well as Akron General/Cleveland Clinic Health & Wellness facility. An Aldi Grocery Store has also been approved along Massillon Rd. & Town Park Blvd. The remaining 146 acres currently does not  have any proposed projects planned on the property (in 2012 Diebold had proposed to relocate their corporate headquarters to this site, but that has since been withdrawn). The property owner has since worked with a local farmer to clear approximately 62 acres of the land and utilize it for agricultural use. The farmer worked thru the Farm Services Administration and NCRS (Natural Resource Conservation Services of the USDA) to gain approval to place the 62 acres into agricultural use. This provides a small return on the land to the property owner, as the farmer leases the land from the property owner and the farmer enjoys the additional yields during the period that they farm it. In talking with the farmer, some areas have already been placed into “winter wheat” and he hopes to have the balance of the 62 acres planted in the spring of 2018.

Currently, neither the City, or the property owner, are proposing to extend Town Park Blvd. to Wise Road (this is part of the long term plan). Also, no additional projects are currently proposed on the 146 acres known as Union Square.