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Street Lights

To report a streetlight outage, or malfunction, please contact First Energy customer service at 1 (800) 646-0400. An outage can also be submitted online at www.firstenergycorp.com. Simply complete the "Report Streetlighting Outage" form under the customer care link. Obtaining the number on the pole is also helpful when making a report.

The Highway Division is responsible for maintaining street lights on:

  • Pickle/619 Roundabout
  • Corporate Woods Parkway/Corporate Woods Circle Roundabout
  • Myersville/619 Roundabout
  • Shriver Road
  • Steese Road
  • Lauby Road (North of the Airport)
  • Lauby/Greensburg Roundabout
  • Town Park Blvd. (East of Massillon Road)
  • Main Street Bridge
  • City Parks and Facilities 

*For residential areas, please note that some neighborhoods are managed by the Homeowners Association