Storm Water Management

After Hours Emergency: 330-896-6610

Dave Perrine

Dave Perrine, Storm Water Service Supervisor

Office Hours Phone: 330-896-6924

The Storm Water Division oversees the maintenance and repair operations of approximately 500 linear miles of storm water drainage systems within the City of Green.

Typical storm water systems maintenance and repair operations include:
• Repair of easement storm water management systems
• Crossover pipe installations
• Right-of-Way driveway pipe maintenance
• Cleaning and repair of underground drainage systems
• Culvert installations
• Supplement CIP system improvements/repairs
• All other drainage maintenance and repairs as required

Ditch enclosures may be constructed by the property owner or a contractor. It is the responsibility of the property owner to construction access across right-of-way drainage, including installation of a properly sized culvert pipe, appropriate backfill material, and drive apron. Driveway and ditch enclosure permits can be obtained through the Zoning Department and require Engineering Department inspection.

Public Drainage Way

A Public Drainage Way is a natural or manmade watercourse, drainage swale, detention or retention pond that exists in a public right-of-way, land owned by the City of Green or a public dedicated drainage easement on private property.

The City shall only maintain the storm water drainage facilities located within in City maintained street rights-of-way; storm water drainage facilities which are in permanent storm water drainage easements conveyed to and accepted for maintenance by the City; and storm water drainage facilities on City property. All other storm water drainage facilities shall be the responsibility of the property owner(s).

An easement is defined as the right-of-use over or in the property of another, granted

by the owner for specific public or semi-public purposes and accepted by Council for such use by, or on behalf of, the public.

The prioritization of corrective measures for the storm water problems, which are the responsibility of the City, will be based upon the following criteria:

a) Loss of Life or Reduction in Public Safety

b) Major Property Damage

c) Potential for Major Property Damage

d) Minor Property Damage

e) Potential for Minor Property Damage

f) Minor Nuisance Flooding

Private Drainage Way

A Private Drainage Way is any natural or manmade watercourse, drainage swale, detention or retention pond that exists on privately held land devoid of any public right-of-way drainage easement. Property owners of private drainage ways are also obligated to provide maintenance to those drainage systems that may impact ajacent property owners.