The City of Green’s Sports Impact Advisory Committee Presents Recommendations to Parks and Recreation Board at Meeting on August 8

The City of Green’s Sports Impact Advisory Committee Presents Recommendations to Parks and Recreation Board at Meeting on August 8

The City of Green’s Sports Impact Advisory Committee Presents Recommendations to Parks and Recreation Board at Meeting on August 8

Green, OH – The City of Green’s Sports Impact Advisory Committee, comprised of leaders of youth sports programs, city employees and Green Local Schools representatives, presented their recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Board on August 8 during the Parks and Recreation Board Meeting in City Council Chambers, 1755 Town Park Blvd.  

The Sports Impact Advisory Committee was formed in response to City’s concerns related to the proximity of the Nexus pipeline to a few of the City of Green parks.  Each youth sports organization was invited to send a representative to serve on the Committee.  Members included representatives from Green Little League, Green Football Association, Green Softball and Baseball, Green Soccer and several community members.  

The committee met several times between April and July to discuss and formulate their recommendations on what the City should do in response to citizen concern about the proximity of some park facilities to the Nexus pipeline.  

“The discussion taking place between the committee members was productive and intentional, and as we progressed through our meetings many sports leagues relayed the discussion to their internal boards for their respective thoughts and input,” said Eric Chojnacki, member of the Parks and Recreation Board. “The safety of our league participants and City of Green residents is of the utmost importance.”

The Sports Impact Advisory Committee has provided the following recommendations for Ariss and Greensburg Park, which are the two parks closest to the Nexus Pipeline; and recommendations for short-term and long-term baseball field solutions:  

At Greensburg Park, the Committee recommends that the City extend the sidewalk from the east side of Massillon Rd.(near Greensburg Rd.) to the park entrance to provide a safer exit for park users and pedestrian in the event of an emergency.  The committee recommends that Field #4 remain at the park with use of the field left up to the leagues’ discretion as a practice field.  The City will not allow leagues to schedule games on this field.

At Greensburg Park and Ariss Park, the committee also recommends that earth mounds and tree planting be installed to serve as a buffer where practical as well as install signs about pipeline safety in the parks.  They also recommend that coaches and leagues receive training on pipeline safety and proper evacuation procedures. 

To accommodate the needs for Spring 2019 baseball season, the committee recommends reestablishing the two baseball fields at the former site of Kleckner school.  As for long-term solutions, the committee recommends that the City explore the viability and cost of establishing an additional baseball field at Kreighbaum Park and explore the possibility of expanding our shared use agreement with Green Local Schools to include additional fields.

Complete List of Recommendations

“We greatly appreciate the time and their thoughtful consideration from the members of the committee to come up with this recommended plan,” said Valerie Wax Carr, service director for the City of Green.  “Their input was invaluable to ensure we are providing the services our community desires.  Although this committee was formed to address the immediate issue of the Nexus pipeline proximity to our parks, we hope the committee will continue on to help us determine future park needs and improvements.”

The Parks and Recreation Board passed a motion of support for the recommendations following the report and discussion.  The motion passed 3 to 1. The next step is to present the recommendations to City Council as part of legislation to authorize the use of Nexus settlement funds to implement the recommendations.

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