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Snow and Ice Removal

The Public Service Department and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), District 4 is responsible for snow and ice removal for more than 350 lane miles of city roads. The state is responsible for plowing and treating Interstate 77 and on and off-ramps located within the city limits.

Snow Plow







Our goal is to provide a reasonably safe and passable (not necessarily bare) road surface as much of the time as possible.

The City has established a traffic volume and route type classification system for determining the priority of snow and ice control operations.

  • After a snow and ice event has ended, all city-maintained roads should be cleared within 24 hours. Certain conditions such as blizzards, whiteouts, other locally severe snow or ice events may temporarily preclude achieving this goal.
  • Our cleaning priorities begin with Main Roads (Arlington, Massillon, etc.), followed by Secondary Roads (Nimisila, Myersville, etc.), then residential roads. Predetermined routes based on traffic volumes.


Snow Plow Back of Truck

Contact during Snow & Ice events

Emergency calls during snow removal season should be placed to the Highway Division, (330) 896-6607, Monday thru Friday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. or the Public Service Director's office at (330) 896-4176. Weekends and evenings, please call the City of Green Dispatch at (330) 896-6610.


Resident Guidelines

  • Do not park on CITY streets, especially during snow or ice events (they may be ticketed and towed where there is no street parking signage)
  • Keep basketball devices at least 12 feet from the edge of the pavement
  • Do not park cars in driveways within 12 feet of the edge of the pavement
  • Do not allow children to build and occupy snow forts and similar creations within 12 feet of the edge of the pavement
  • Do not relocate snow from driveways and sidewalks into the paved street. This is in violation of Ohio law and will cause a hazardous condition on the street (ORC, Chapter 55)
  • Fences should not be within 12 feet of the edge of the pavement
  • Remove all non-permanent seasonal items from within 12 feet of the edge of the pavement
  • Trim trees so that branches do not extend beyond the back of the curb
  • Pile most of the snow from the driveway throat on the traffic downstream side. This will minimize visibility problems
  • Place all trash cans and refuse in driveway, not in the roadway


Mailbox Damage Claims

In the event that your mailbox is hit by a plow or your yard is damaged, contact the Highway Division, (330) 896-6607, Monday thru Friday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Any damage from snow and ice control operations must be reported by April 1 of each year, or the claim may be denied.

Any installation within the right of way - including a mailbox/post, sprinkler head, and landscaping - is placed there at the owner's risk. When placing a new mailbox, make sure the front face of the mailbox is at least 6" behind the curb in curbed areas and at least 6" behind the edge of pavement in areas that do not have a curb.


You can help reduce the possibility of a damaged/broken mailbox or mailbox post. Plow operators are urged to take precautions to avoid hitting mailbox posts. Experience has shown that reduced visibility during a storm makes it difficult for a driver to see a post in time to avoid striking it or pushing it over with plowed snow. Owners are encouraged to install mailboxes at the maximum usable distance from the edge of the pavement.

Posts should also be checked for deterioration to reduce the possibility that the weight of the plowed snow may simply break or push the post over.


Roads NOT maintained by City of Green

Following is a list of roads/plans that are NOT maintained by the CITY (they are either maintained by the state or receive private maintenance). If the road you live on is not on the following list, then you receive winter maintenance from the CITY.

State or Private Road Maintenance List



Parking bans for snow emergencies