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 Current Roundabout Projects

Roundabouts are becoming a preferred intersection design for many reasons 

Lauby and Greensburgincluding increased safety, reduced wait times, and less maintenance costs. 

Roundabouts are safer intersections.

  • Reduce accidents by 39%
  • Reduce serious accidents by 75%
  • Single Lane Roundabouts have only 8 conflict points where an accident may occur, whereas a traditional intersection has 32
  • Reduce travel speed at the roundabout to between 15 and 25 mph, yet still allowing traffic to move

Roundabouts reduce traffic wait times and provide traffic flow.Steese Road Roundabout

  • Reduced idle time saving time and money (less gas)
  • Efficient way to move heavy traffic
  • No stop signs or traffic signals to slow down traffic

Roundabouts cost less to maintain.

  • No need to maintain traffic signal
  • Still functions despite power outages

 Steese and Massillon Road Roundabout

Need more information on roundabouts? Check out these links.

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

Insurance Institute on Highway Safety

 *General rules provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and URS Designers