Green Veterans Memorial Park Pavers

  • Honor Terrace
    Honor Terrace
  • Dedication Day
    Dedication Day
  • Honor Terrace
    Honor Terrace
  • 911 Flags
    911 Flags
  • Dedication Ceremony
    Dedication Ceremony
  • Claire
  • Sheriff, Chief and Mary Taylor
    Sheriff, Chief and Mary Taylor
  • Monument looking north
    Monument looking north
  • Fire Chief on Dedication Day
    Fire Chief on Dedication Day

Stories of Service GroveThe second Stories of Service Grove Walkway will be installed on the west side of the Green Veterans Memorial Park this summer for a September 11, 2017 dedication.  This walkway along with the First Responders Memorial will complete the park.  

Purchase a paver to honor a veteran or thank a first responder.  All paver types are available for purchase.

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Pavers range from $50 to $455 depending on size and inscription.