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3492 S Arlington Road (Parcels 2804636 & 2815831) AKA: East Liberty Schoolhouse

Sealed bids will be received by the City of Green in the Finance Director's office, 1755 Town Park Boulevard, Uniontown (Green), Ohio 44685  until December 15th, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. at which time they will be opened  for the sale of real estate located at 3492 S Arlington Road, Akron (Green), OH  44312.

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City of Green                                                                            City of Green
Attn: Finance Director                                                            Attn: Finance Director
PO Box 278                                                                               1755 Town Park Boulevard
Green, OH  44232                                                                    Uniontown (Green), OH  44685


Please mark  the outside of the envelope with "Sealed Bid- E. Liberty Schoolhouse" 


Bid Form Document


The City of Green is offering for sale the District 11 Schoolhouse at East Liberty. This 1890 historic structure, also known as the E. Liberty German Schoolhouse is located at 3492 S. Arlington Road and situated within the city's I-77 Corridor Primary development area. In 2015, the City of Green relocated the 1 1/2 story, approximately 2400 sq ft. Romanesque Revival Schoolhouse with ornate brick trim work approximately 500' to the north avoiding demolition by the property owner. To further its preservation goals the City is in the process of listing the schoolhouse on the National Register of Historic Places in order to make the property eligible for federal and state historic preservation tax credits.  The City also intends to designate the E. Liberty Schoolhouse as a local historic landmark. Designation as a local landmark will require that exterior renovations and rehabilitation projects be submitted for review to the City's Historic Preservation Commission to assure compliance with the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation.  The City desires that the intended use preserve and enhance the building's historic architecture and cultural contributions.

The site being offered for sale is approximately one acre and consists of two parcels: Parcel 2804636 (.54 acres and schoolhouse site) and Parcel 2815831 (.437 acres). These parcels are to be consolidated  as a condition of purchase. The parcels are split by a riparian corridor which may be enhanced.  The City's Planning & Zoning Commission has the right to review and approve riparian corridor enhancements. The site is zoned B-1, General Business.  Allowed uses in the B-1 zone include (but are not limited to) office uses, restaurants, retail and service commercial uses, educational facilities, libraries, museums, galleries and cultural centers. This area of the city contains a majority of the commercial, retail, service and office type land uses in Green, as well as several light industrial uses.  Identified as a primary development corridor, Arlington Road is a major contributor to the economic health of Green.

The site is served by Aqua Ohio.  A 1" water line and meter are connected to the building site.  Sanitary Sewer is available along Arlington Road (via Summit County Department of Sanitary Services).  Electric and/or gas service is available but has not been brought to the building.  There is currently no electric service.

The City's goal is to sell the property to the highest and best bidder.  The City will consider the proposed use in determining the best bid.  Bids for purchase must reflect a minimum offer of at least $100,000.00. City reserves the right to reject any and all bids and final sale is subject to approval by City Council.  All bids must be accompanied by a cashier's check for 1% of the bid amount.  Property is sold "as is."  Bid must be received on the City's bid form available by calling the Planning Department at 330-896-6614 or may be downloaded here:

For more information, please call Wayne Wiethe, Director of Planning at 330-896-6614 or email


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