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Questions regarding the Nexus pipeline or information shared on this page, please contact the City Administration at 330-896-5500.

Feb. 16, 2018

Nexus Info Line
To assist residents with questions about the Nexus Pipeline, the City has set up a dedicated telephone number and email address. We will return calls and emails within 24-hours (M-F).

Green Nexus Info Line: 330-896-6930

If you would like to contact Nexus directly with your questions or concerns, they have a dedicated hotline that is answered 24/7 at 1-844-589-3655.
Text Message Alerts
The City has also set up a text message alert for pipeline updates.  To sign up for these alerts, text PIPELINE to 888-777. 

Feb. 13, 2018

The City Administration has assembled the questions asked of City Council during the February 7, 2018 special City Council meeting.  Here is the list of questions with answers. Questions from Feb. 7 City Council meeting. 

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Feb. 9, 2018Image of Letter

Statement regarding Nexus Settlement Agreement from Mayor Neugebauer

Settlement Agreement Fact Sheet

February 7, 2018
Green City Council voted 4-3 on Legislation 2018-R09 to accept the settlement agreement with Nexus after holding three consecutive meetings on Monday, Feb. 5, Tuesday, February 6, and Wednesday, February 7.  

February 6 Meeting
February 7 Meeting

Recent news reports

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January 3, 2018

On December 28, 2017, the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio found in favor of Nexus Gas Transmission and granted it the right of eminent domain over those property interests still outstanding.   Nexus initially filed its complaint seeking the right of eminent domain to over 40+ properties held by approximately 90 property owners and/or interested parties.   The ruling gives Nexus the right to conduct environmental surveys immediately.  However, Nexus is required to abide by the stay issued in late November 2017 from the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, and therefore is precluded from engaging in construction activities of the pipeline in the City of Green.

November 27, 2017

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay of construction for the 8-miles of the pipeline slated to traverse through the City of Green.  This stay will be maintained until the court rules on the City's petition for review of the Clean Water Act Section 401.  Read the entire order for stay from the Sixth Court of Appeals.

Recent news articles about the stay of construction:
US Appeals court orders halt on natural gas pipeline in Ohio, AP, Nov. 24, 2017

City of Green wins temporary victory in fight to stop Nexus pipeline, ABJ, Nov. 22, 2017

October 25, 2017

  • Following FERC’s issuance of the permit to begin construction to Nexus, the City filed a motion for stay in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeal on October 10.   The City has asked the court to expedite the motion, but as of October 25, the City has not been notified of a hearing date or decision on the motion of stay.  
  • The City has received notice that Nexus filed an eminent domain lawsuit in District Court on October 2 naming the City a defendant for the three properties owned by the City of Green that the proposed pipeline would go through as well as public right-of-way land (road crossings, etc.). 
  • The City was made aware that Nexus leased land in Green for a construction staging yard.  Upon being made aware of this, the City issued a stop work order on the yard based on violations of the City of Green Zoning Code.


October 4, 2017

See our Frequently Asked Questions page regarding the City's legal actions in regards to the FERC approval of the NEXUS pipeline. FAQs

September 27, 2017
City of Green Statement Regarding the Ohio EPA Water Quality Certification for Nexus Pipeline

On September 19, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) issued water quality certification (also known as a 401) for the Nexus pipeline, which is slated to cut through the City of Green. The City of Green and its residents continue to oppose the placement of the pipeline for many reasons including environmental concerns.  Over the past three years, the City has voiced its concerns to the Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) and the Ohio EPA through their various filing processes.  It is disappointing that our concerns filed with appropriate and valid documentation of environmental issues have been ignored.  The City of Green, along with its residents, will continue to do what is within our rights to be heard.  

In response to this latest approval, the City of Green filed a petition to challenge the 401 in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  In addition, the City has filed an appeal with the Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC).  Based on our legal research, challenging the 401 is the strategy with the highest likelihood of success.  


August 28, 2017
In response to the FERC approval of the NEXUS Pipeline on August 25, 2017.

We are deeply disappointed in this initial approval of the Nexus pipeline by the new FERC commissioners.  The City of Green continues to disagree with FERC’s finding that the alternative routes the City of Green proposed do not demonstrate a ‘significant environmental advantage’ as stated in their opinion.  However, there are significant environmental, economic and social implications with the pipeline routed through the City of Green.  We will continue to engage all our legal options to oppose this pipeline to ensure our community is protected.

For the past three years, the City of Green administration has openly expressed our concerns over the construction of a 36-inch pipeline at 1400 PSI cutting through our community.  We have spent countless hours thoughtfully studying the pipeline route and invested time and money to provide factual information to FERC to help them assess the pipeline and its impact to communities such as ours.

We will continue to fight the current alignment of the Nexus pipeline and we maintain that our concerns are real, valid and significant to warrant a rerouting of the pipeline to areas of less population density.   Our concerns include:

Environmental Impact.  The approved route cuts through several environmentally sensitive areas including the Singer Lake  Bog, a 344-acre nature preserve and wetland, home to more than 67 species of dragonflies -- several on the endangered species list; and endangered plants.  In addition, the pipeline also cuts through Nimisila Reservoir, the southern portion of the Portage Lakes.  The construction of the new pipeline will disturb and could ultimately modify the flow of water impacting both quality and quantity.

Economic Impact.  An independent study conducted by the Maxine Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University, commissioned by the City of Green in 2016, concluded the addition of the pipeline in our city would result in a negative $120 million economic impact over the course of 50 years in lost tax revenue to the City and Green Local Schools. This economic loss reflects the inability to develop key parcels of land bringing new jobs to our community.  

Safety Concerns.  With an estimate of 2,200 people living within 1,500 feet of the proposed pipeline route, safety is and must be our primary concern.   The current route approved by FERC cuts through 77 parcels of land; skirts within 100 feet of homeplate of Greensburg Park’s baseball field #4; and is within 1500 feet of 17 youth recreational fields at four city parks.  It is widely accepted that the potential impact radius is 1,500 feet in the event of a catastrophic failure.  As one of the most densely populated areas along the proposed pipeline, we are extremely disappointed that FERC determined that the impact to our community was not significant enough to merit moving the pipeline to areas less populated. 

Given FERC’s approval, the City of Green will be exhausting all legal options to ensure our residents, and our community as a whole, remain safe.   


February 2017 Update

Due to the resignation of FERC Commissioner Norman Bay, the FERC Commissioners no longer have a quorum (the minimum number of members to conduct business, in this case three members) as of the close of business February 3, 2017.  The five member panel was already down two Commissioners so Commissioner Bay’s departure leaves two remaining.  Therefore no action can be taken on contested projects such as the Nexus pipeline until a new Commissioner is confirmed by Congress.  Before Commissioner Bay’s resignation took effect, the Rover pipeline was granted a certificate to move forward but the Nexus pipeline was not.  This leaves Nexus in limbo for a time and has certainly delayed the project.  We are watching this development closely.

To review the project and its impact on Green, view this web app with an interactive map:

December 2016 Update

On Nov. 30, FERC released the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Within the EIS, FERC Staff does not recommend the project adopt the City of Green Alternate Route.  This is a disappointing development as we have worked extraordinarily hard to keep this project outside of the borders of Green.  Please understand that this FERC recommendation does not constitute an approval.  The FERC Commissioners must still decide if the project warrants an approval.  While a hearing date has not been set, it could happen within the first quarter of 2017. 

You can access the full EIS here.

We are currently evaluating our options as we continue to navigate this Federal process.  If you are an affected property owner, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions and/or concerns.

As for the surveys Nexus is trying to complete, there is still not a court order in Summit County granting them access to private property without the property owner’s approval.  If you do want your property surveyed, you can ask the surveyors to leave.  If they persist, please call the Summit County Sheriff’s office at 330-643-2181.  If a court order is issued from Summit County, we will update this webpage.


July 2016 Update

Check out the story map the Planning Department prepared to tell the story of Nexus.

FERC released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on July 8.  With the release of this document, a public comment period has opened and will close on August 29.  The Draft (EIS) is available for download from this link:  Please keep in mind that it is a large document and may take a few minutes to load. 

Of particular interest to Summit County is the fact that FERC has not decided between the Nexus proposed route and the City of Green alternate route.  FERC has requested Nexus to examine the City of Green alternate route in order to further reduce impacts and to locate a compressor station site on the City of Green alternate route that would relocate the proposed Wadsworth compressor station.  If you have specific concerns about your property, the project in general or comments on the Draft EIS, please take the time to submit your comments to FERC via the project docket CP16-22.  Additionally, FERC will host several public comment meetings in August.  The meetings will open at 5:00p.m. and close at 10:00p.m., please plan to attend one of the meetings.  FERC needs to hear from you.

August 17 – Wadsworth High School
August 18 – Green High School

April 2016 Update

Green Commissioned Cleveland State University College of Urban Affairs, Center for Economic Development to study the long term economic impact of the Nexus pipeline on the City of Green. The findings are quite compelling and clearly demonstrate the disproportional impacts the City would experience if the project is allowed to proceed as proposed. Due to the loss of future residential, commercial and industrial growth the City stands to lose $52 million over a 50 year time period. In addition the Green Local School District would lose $61 million in the same time frame. Also experiencing losses in revenue would be Summit County, Portage Lakes Joint Vocational School, Akron-Summit County Public Library and Summit County Metro Parks. The total losses were projected to total over $122 million. See "CSU Economic Impact Study" for the complete study.

The route through Green has been modified once again. See the "March 2016 Nexus Route Map" to see the current route before FERC. Please continue to submit comments to FERC regarding this project. They need to hear from the residents of Green. The Nexus pipeline is docket number CP16-22. You can either use the "login" feature to register and submit documents or "eComment" to submit a comment without the need to register.


February 2016 Update

Ohio EPA Schedules Public Hearing for Guilford Compressor Station

February 16, 6 p.m. at Cloverleaf Elementary School
8337 Friendsville Road, Westfield Township

Written comments are considered equally with oral testimony presented at the hearing.  They must be received by Akron Regional Air Quality Management District by the close of business on Feb. 22 and should be mailed to the agency at 1867 W. Market St., Akron 44313, or via email at

December 2015 Update

On November 20, 2015, NEXUS filed their application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity with FERC.  Due to the project moving out of the “Pre-filing” stage and into the formal application stage, FERC has assigned a new docket number of CP16-22.  FERC issued the “Notice of Applications” on December 7.  This opens a short time frame for individuals and organizations to become an intervenor.  Please visit the FERC website for more information about the intervenor status. The City is currently reviewing the submitted application and will develop a response to send to FERC.  A map of the proposed route is available for download in the column to the right.*  We have been told that while this is the route that is proposed for approval it can still change.  As always, please contact the Planning Department (330-896-6614) with any questions or concerns regarding the pipeline.  Also, comments can still be submitted to FERC through the online docket or by mail.

FERC Website
Map of Proposed Route*


July 2015 - NEXUS released draft resource reports detailing the overall project.  After reviewing the documents we found several items that were incorrect or misleading.  We prepared a response that was submitted to FERC on July 24.  We are standing firm in our belief that the City of Green is not the proper location for this pipeline.

Link to City of Green's Response to Resource Reports

May 2015 -
It has come to our attention that Nexus is contacting property owners regarding an alternate route within Green.  Unfortunately the City does not have detailed information regarding this new study area.  It is our understanding that Nexus plans to file a report with FERC in June that will detail all of the routes they are considering.  Nexus has not made a final application with FERC and a final route has not been determined or approved.  If you have concerns about the project or potential impacts to your property please consider submitting a comment on the FERC docket (instructions below).  If you have additional questions call the Planning Department, 330-896-6614.

The following links provide more information on the proposed Nexus pipeline.

Link to the FERC eLibrary.  The docket number for NEXUS is PF15-10.  The public can search for the docket number and review what has been submitted by Spectra, read comments and submit comments of their own.  You can also subscribe to the docket to be emailed anytime something new is posted to the docket.

Maps of Proposed Nexus Pipeline
City of Green disclaimer: These maps were included in Spectra Energy’s latest filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The maps indicate the current study area. Please understand that this study area can and may change during the course of FERC’s review.  The Nexus application is open for comment on the FERC website. Use the eLibrary to search for Docket # PF15-10.

Additional Information

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A publication by the Federal Energy Regulation Commission (

A Presentation to Mayor Norton by Nexus representatives on October 30, 2014

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