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More Living Green in the Community

Third Grader Chrissy Bivens Encourages Classmates to Live Green as part of Team Go Green

Living Green...at the Green Public Library

Welcome to the city’s newest Team Living Green member. The Green branch library, located in the heart of our Library Signcity, has at the core of its mission an abundance of sustainability values. If you ride your bike to the library and invest time reading or researching – perhaps even spend some time in the reading garden on a beautiful weather day – you’ve invested in your health, your planet and your education – all with a minimum of carbon emissions.

Library manager Sherry Swisher says “The Green Branch Library has taken steps to truly become a part of the Living Green Team.” In 2013 the library replaced 19 computers with high-efficiency computers that operate on 88 watts of power (old computers = 250 watts). This calculates to roughly 50% savings in electricity costs. Another recent Recycle Binsimplementation has been the print management system which allows library customers to print only what they need with the added bonus that the printer company recycles all print toners. Internally the library has been committed for some time to recycling all paper, including the thermal paper used for date due receipts using NEO-Shred’s services. The Abibiti recycling bin at the back of the library’s parking lot allows the library to recycle cardboard, paper, and books that are too damaged to repair along with the recycle materials dropped off by customeRain Barrelrs and residents. All plastic and cans are also recycled. In fact, as part of their commitment to reduce plastic in landfills, the library no longer offers water bottles when hosting Bike Rackpublic programs – water is made available from a refillable water pitcher instead.

Last year, the library took home the “Mayor’s Award” as part of the city’s beautification competition for outstanding efforts to beautify green. The award was given in honor of the library’s reading garden which boasts a rain barrel, edible plants and native landscaping providing habitat for wildlife.

Thank you to the Green Branch Public Library for being a sustainability leader in our community. Welcome to the team.


Third Grader Chrissy Bivens Encourages Classmates to Live Green as part of Team Go Green

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” Chrissy with Principal Mark BoothDr. Seuss

Inspired by her science teacher, Jill Lehman, 3rd grader Chrissy Bivens set out to encourage fellow classmates to do something good for the environment and “Team Go Green” was the result. Team members – students from Green Intermediate School - are given punch cards – one punch for every “green” deed accomplished. When the punch card is completed, gifts are awarded.

Some of Chrissy’s “Green” deeds look like this:

    • Go for a hike/bike
    • Ride your bike or walk to school
    • Pick up trash around your neighborhood
    • Turn off water when brushing teeth
    • Pick up dog poop
    • Recycle paper; plastic; cans; newspapersAssembly for Team Go Green
    • Use Tupperware/reusable bottles
    • Make your own paper
    • Plant flowersPlant vegetables
    • Write to environmental organizations
    • Make your own art supplies
    • Make a bird bath

Now in its second yMayor Norton and Chrissyear, “Team Go Green” was launched school-wide on April 29, 2013 by GIS Principal Mark Booth.

“Our students are empowered to take the lead and take action," said Mark Booth, principal of Green Intermediate School. "Team Go Green is an example of what can happen when students become passionate. Great things happen for them and our community becomes a better place!”

In the fall of 2012, Chrissy wrote to Mayor Norton sharing her story about “Team Go Green.” Mayor Norton invited Chrissy to be one of the very first “Team Living Green” partners so that we could share her story and inspire others to follow her example.

Congratulations Chrissy – and “Go Team Green!” (Team Green will be marching in this year's Memorial Day Parade!)

Editor's Note: By the end of the 2013 school year, 169 students completed their punch cards. That equals 4225 green deeds!