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GreenView Senior Assisted Living

Sheryl Keener, Director of Dietary showing off a food scrap recycling binA Senior Assisted Living facility may not be the first place you would look to find inspiration/best practices about composting and recycling, but the folks who run the day to day operations at the GreenView see that differently.

GreenView Senior Assisted Living, one of the city's Living Green businesses is committed to finding ways to make what they do greener.  This includes replacing styrofoam, communicating electronically, installing automatic soap dispensers in the laundry facilities and of course, recycling. 

Recycling papers, cans and plastics has been standard operating procedure at GreenView for some time.  John Thompson, director of maintenance, recalls that growing up, he watched his mother recycle and it became a habit that developed into a business strategy.  The evidence of this can be seen in not only in policy implementation but also in the employee meetings that focus on the value and method for "living green" in daily practice. Recycling isn't limited to employees, however.  The GreenView residents have been included in the education about the benefits and have taken the message to heart.  Recycling stations stand ready to accept papers, cans and plastics and Sheryl Keener, Director of Dietary operations, says that they have really become engaged with the whole process.

The GreenView culinary staff became an integral part of the recycling program when the facility began to compost food scraps.  "Truthfully, when we decided to do this, I thought - great, this will add more steps, take more time, Keener says rolling her eyes, "but it couldn't be easier.  Once the process is set up, it works wonderfully and everyone in the kitchen and even the residents are on board."  Because of the many ways that GreenView recycles, the recycled material leaving this facility far outpaces the material headed to the landfill. An unexpected benefit includes lightening the load for employees used to lifting heavy containers of food into the garbage bins.

That's what makes Jane Warmus happy.  Jane is really the passion behind all of this at GreenView, says Denise Kintz, Director of Environmental Services.  When you have someone at the top who values these kinds of things, it makes our jobs so much easier.  We can be successful because she wants to make it happen."



When Dave Nagy started Nagy Auto Body in his garage behind his house 40 years ago, he never imagined how many lives he would touch. Now in its second generation, Nagy's has become known as a place where employees are family, and customers are friends. This is evident by how many times Nagy's gets recognized, including ABRN magazine’s “Top 10 Shop of the Year” in the Country, and Fox8 Best Body Shop for the Inside ShopAkron/Canton area for the last 4 years. This is accomplished through many LEAN practices, which involves plenty of GREEN ideas such as clean working environment, recycling, and keeping organized using Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for every area of the business. Nagy's has even gone paperless (as much as the industry will allow), uses Waterborne Basecoat paints for repairs, computerized estimating, laser-frame alignment, and digital imaging. Our team-oriented group of employees is all about improving the Cycle Time of repairs, while observing many of the practices of the Living Green concept.


Release Yoga

Release Logo signYoga is healthy. That’s a given. But Release Yoga’s owner and Certified Yoga Instructor Pattie Wagner is committed to incorporating “green” choices in every component of her business model.

Pattie’s goal is to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, while also offering a beautiful and nurturing space that demonstrates a commitment to healthy environmental practices. The thoughtful re-use of materials and installation of energy saving items such as improved insulation and window film was a priority during the refurbishment of her new studio space.

Release Yoga’s employees are encouraged to live the green missionRelease as well. The studio recycles and composts all garbage, re-uses printer paper and pays close attention to energy management. The studio is thrilled to be an early partner of The City of Green’s Rain Barrel Art Contest and has commissioned fine artist (and yoga teacher) Pamela Price to beautify their barrel.

During the growing season, clients are greeted at the door by fresh local produce and flowers. Inside, Release Yoga’s boutique features a variety of up-cycled and natural products from Midwestern artisans. For example, the boutique offers unique wine racks hand-made from an old barn in Southern Ohio. Looking for the perfect gift? You can find inspirational jewelry fashioned from old silverware, copper wire and leather jackets.


Buehler's Fresh Foods

Meet Jim Fox, manager of Buehler's Fresh Foods, the city's newest Living Green business.  Formerly Portage Lakes IGA, Buehler's has undertaken a retro-fit that reflects the Buehler's family's commitment to "green values."


One of the first fixes was to install high efficiency lighting. Retrofitting the compressors was also on the list and this energy efficiency project helped the Green Buehler's store achieve the lowest rating possible for vapor leak. This is something Jim Fox is very proud of.

"Choosing these retrofit priorities are not things that are immediately obvious to our customers - it doesn't make for a slick, pretty story - but these are the things the Buehler family gets really excited about."

"We do the obvious things too, Jim Fox says. We separate and recycle plastics, bale and sell our corrugated boxes, utilize an 8 yard co-mingle container behind the store, use all green cleaning chemicals, offer plastic bag collection containers and make recycling convenient for employees by placing recycling containers in the break rooms."

Buying fruits and vegetables locally is standard operating procedure here.  But the local food priority becomes a truly sustainable system in the form of compost. Every other day the "value-added" vegetables are sent to the Milltown Store where compost is made and returned for sale at all the Buehler's stores. A compost collection program for Green customers is part of future green planning and would be the first of its kind in this area.

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