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Master Trail Plan

  • Bike-N-Brainstorm
  • Southgate trail
    Southgate trail
  • Trail Summary Public Comments
    Trail Summary Public Comments
  • kids Walking on Nimisila Trail
    kids Walking on Nimisila Trail
  • Ribbon Walk
    Ribbon Walk
  • Walking path
    Walking path
  • Boettler Park jogging
    Boettler Park jogging
  • Bike-N-Brainstorm Follow Up Boettler Pavilion
    Bike-N-Brainstorm Follow Up Boettler Pavilion
  • Southgate Path
    Southgate Path
  • Bike-N-Brainstorm Biking
    Bike-N-Brainstorm Biking
  • Boettler Park Walking Path
    Boettler Park Walking Path

The City is reviewing the draft of its master trail plan developed in partnership with Akron Metro Area Transportation Study (AMATS) and Environmental Design Group (EDG) of Akron.  During January of 2019, the public will have several opportunities to hear and ask questions about the final draft of the Master Trail Plan.  The first presentation will take place Tuesday, January 8 as part of City Council's committee agenda.  Other January presentations include:

  • January 9 @ 6:00pm - Parks & Recreation Board (Council Chambers)
  • January 16, 2019 @ 6:00pm - Planning & Zoning Commission (Council Chambers)
  • January 17 @ 6:30pm - AMATS Citizen's Involvement Committee (Community Hall in Central Park)
  • January 24, 2019 @ 6:00pm Historic Preservation Commission (Council Chambers)

Southgate Trail

2018 Bike-N- Brainstorm Biking

Following the January presentations, legislation will be presented to City Council. Upon City Council approval and adoption, the Master Trail Plan will become part of the city's Transportation Plan.

If you are interested in more information about the trail plan, please contact Sarah Haring, community development administrator at 330-896-6614 or sharing@cityofgreen.org