Master Connectivity Plan

  • Southgate Path
    Southgate Path
  • Bike-N-Brainstorm Biking
    Bike-N-Brainstorm Biking
  • Boettler Park Walking Path
    Boettler Park Walking Path
  • Bike-N-Brainstorm
  • Southgate trail
    Southgate trail
  • Trail Summary Public Comments
    Trail Summary Public Comments
  • kids Walking on Nimisila Trail
    kids Walking on Nimisila Trail
  • Ribbon Walk
    Ribbon Walk
  • Walking path
    Walking path
  • Boettler Park jogging
    Boettler Park jogging
  • Bike-N-Brainstorm Follow Up Boettler Pavilion
    Bike-N-Brainstorm Follow Up Boettler Pavilion

The City is working to develop a master connectivity and trail plan in partnership with Akron Metro Area Transportation Study (AMATS) and Environmental Design Group.   January 11, 2018 the first public meeting was held with over 50 residents and businesses in attendance. Project boards were also on view at the 2018 State of the City and Celebration of Education.  

On August 18, 2018 city leaders partnered with AMATS to host a "Bike-N-Brainstorm" a public outreach tool that engages cyclists with the aim of improving cycling infrastructure.  The route chosen for BNB followed a preliminary alignment connecting central Green to Boettler Park, the route that achieved the highest ranking in the Master Trail Plan matrix.  

2018 Bike-N- Brainstorm Biking

The City of Green and AMATS received plenty of feedback from the twenty-two BNB participants. The group's overwhelming consensus was that multi-use trails like the one proposed to connect Central Green with Boettler Park would offer residents and non-residents a crucial alternative connection between two areas of the City that encounter frequent usage as well as a healthy recreational activity.  Fifteen of the twenty-two participants filled out comment sheets detailing their experience at the event as well as their opinions on the existing cycling infrastructure within the City of Green. All the collected data was then compiled and shared between the City of Green and AMATS. It is clear from this data that not only is connectivity important, but the type of connectivity is important in encouraging recreational use of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. This outreach tool was so effective, the City of Green intends to host more of these events in the future in regard to other highly desirable routes.

2018 Bike-N-Brainstorm

The next step in developing the Master Connectivity Plan is to complete the final draft in preparation for presentation to City Council.  Following approval and adoption, the Master Connectivity Plan will become part of the city's transportation plan.

If you are interested in more information about the connectivity and trail plan, please contact Sarah Haring, community development administrator at 330-896-6614 or