Master Connectivity Plan

The City is currently embarking on a pedestrian/bike master connectivity plan paid in part by an AMATS grant.   As we begin to build the plan, we need your input and thoughts on the current walking and biking paths in Green as well as where you desire new trails, paths and walkways. 

Connectivity Survey

If you are interested in more information about the connectivity study -- our progress, dates of public meetings, additional comments, and so on -- please email Sarah Haring, community development administrator at 330-896-6614 or

  • Southgate Path
    Southgate Path
  • Boettler Park Walking Path
    Boettler Park Walking Path
  • Southgate trail
    Southgate trail
  • kids Walking on Nimisila Trail
    kids Walking on Nimisila Trail
  • Ribbon Walk
    Ribbon Walk
  • Walking path
    Walking path
  • Boettler Park jogging
    Boettler Park jogging