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Massillon Road North

The City of Green will begin construction of the two-season Massillon Road North infrastructure improvement project in 2020.  Utility relocation will begin in 2019 in preparation for the roadway improvements.


To improve current and future mobility on Massillon Road.

Project Needs

  • Capacity - Existing two-lane road not adequate for future traffic at intersections.
  • Safety - Number of left turn crashes at intersections higher than statewide averages, vertical curve does not provide adequate sight distance, insufficient driveway spacing, shoulders are narrower than current design standards.
  • Walking/Biking - No existing pedestrian or bicycle facilities along Massillon Road.

Project Goals

  • Provide sufficient capacity to accommodate future traffic.
  • Decrease crashes by improving roadway to current design standards.
  • Accommodate pedestrians and bicycles and improve connectivity.
  • Minimize impacts to private property and the environment.
  • Improve visual character of corridor.

Project Plan

After several public input meetings and evaluation of the three proposed plan alternatives, the selected project plan includes three roundabouts (intersections of Massillon Road/SR619, Stein/Massillon Road, and Raber/Massillon Road).

November 2016 Massillon Road North Alternative

Project Cost Estimates

$11 million which includes construction, right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation costs.

Project Funding

ODOT Safety Funding, AMATS, City of Green.

Estimated Schedule

  • Develop alternatives - Fall 2013
  • Public Meeting No. 2 - Late 2013/Early 2014
  • Select preferred alternative - 2016
  • Design - 2014-2017
  • Right of Way Acquisition and utility relocation - 2018-2019
  • Construction - Utility Relocation 2019
  • Construction -- 2020-2021


For questions or comments, please contact the City of Green Engineering Department at 330.896.5510 or dtalkington@cityofgreen.org.