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City Maps

The Planning Department utilizes GIS (Geographic Information System) which allows us to view and analyze spatially referenced data. A majority of the information that we handle is associated with a geographic location. It is necessary to be able to display such information visually in a map in order to see patterns and trends so informed decisions can be made. GIS allows us to do just that. In addition to assisting in everyday decisions, a few projects the GIS has aided the Planning Department in over past few years are the Land Use Inventory, the Long Range Plan, the Riparian Corridor mapping and the City's asset inventory. The GIS also provides the means to maintain various city maps. Following is a list of commonly requested maps:


General Maps


Economic Development Maps


The City was the first municipality to enter into a data-sharing agreement with the Summit County GIS Department. The two entities have a close working relationship with the intention of producing and verifying data that is needed and used by each. If you're interested in parcel level mapping, visit the Summit County GIS site.

If you have additional mapping needs or would like larger printouts, please contact Chrissy Lingenfelter at (330) 896-6614 or via e-mail.