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KinderCare Learning Center

CongratulKindercareations to KinderCare Learning Center, the city's newest Team Living Green member.  The Living Green Task Force is committed to promoting good stewardship practices and we are grateful when we find community leaders who are doing the same.  The teachers and administrators at KinderCare are committed to teaching their students not just about recycling, but the Kindercarecreative of reuse of resources and growing healthy food. Assistant Director Lauren Hanhart says that delivery boxes that arrive at the educational center are quickly tagged by teachers for reuse in the classrooms - for art, sensory learning organizational tools and even outdoor play.  Last year the center received a grant to replace student chairs and rather than dispose of the old, an outdoor "chair train" was crKindercareeated for the children to enjoy.

Kindercare students are also taught about growing and eating healthy food. Gardens that fit small hands can be found in several of the outdoor recreational areas. Last year students grew lettuce and cherry tomatoes - often providing a bumper crop that made its way home with parents at the end of the day. Healthy meals provided throughout the day utilize washable dishes and silverware, a practice that has drastically reduced their waste stream. 

Director Jennifer Kemp says "we are committed to teaching our children about recycling and celebrating the ways that we can protect our earth and we are excited to find more ways to help!" 

Congratulations and welcome to the youngest members ever of Team Living Green - we are grateful for what the next generation is learning.