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Living Green is...

Living Green is achieving sustainable practices through education and engagement. 

With a name such as Green, we feel its our duty to commit to Our community and City focuses on the following areas to promote sustainable practices:




Energy efficiency is the most overlooked resource but is at the center of everyday life – living, working, shopping, and playing.

As everything requires power, the improvement of efficiency is inevitable. Energy efficiency is defined as the means of getting the same amount of services we except when we use energy but using less of it to use the same services. With energy being a commonsense resource, this becomes the best kind of energy. Energy waste can be reduced by making our homes, businesses, schools, factories, and government buildings more efficient by building with efficient products and sealing up the drafty areas where air can’t escape.


Healthy Community

A healthy community promote wellness for all its residents through access to employment, education, safe housing, health & safety services, green space & recreation as well as opportunities to connect and serve.

Green's Healthy Community Goals:

  1. Promote wellness through safe housing, health & safety services
  2. Promote wellness through green space, conservation & recreation opportunities
  3. Promote wellness through opportunities to connect & serve.



Ohio is a “water-rich” state, with more than 166,962 miles of streams and 483,000 acres of wetlands. Each body of water within the state either drains to the Lake Erie basin or the Ohio River basin.

When it rains the storm water washes over lawns and pavements into storm sewers or ditches then eventually ends up in our streams, lakes or wetlands. Along the way the storm water picks up excess fertilizers, pesticides, animal waste, oils and other pollutants. In the City of Green most of the water in our streams flows to either the Portage Lakes (which includes the Nimisila Reservoir) or the Tuscarawas River. The Portage Lakes and the Tuscarawas River are important recreational attractions in Northeast Ohio. Many people use these waters to fish, boat and swim so the water quality is vital to maintaining these regional assets. Almost all the water in Green eventually makes its way to the Ohio River.



City of Green Was Named Tree City USA in 2018 by the Arbor Day Foundation.



The air we breathe is an essential part of the local eco-system. It affects our health, our view, and our environment.

View near real-time air quality monitor readings and air quality forecasts for the Green area here: https://airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.local_city&zipcode=44319&submit=Go


Living Green Programs

Clean Green – A Living Green initiative where volunteers pick up litter, mulch trails, and pull invasive mustard weed at Southgate Park.

Southgate Park Observation Project – Park users document different species of plants and animals within the park.

Green Infrastructure – Water management that protects, restores, or mimics the water cycle.

Living Green Community Grant – Annual grant that benefits not for profits in Green from Kimble Recycling rebate funds.


Contact Us

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Green, OH 44232-0278

Phone: (330) 896-4138
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Sarah Haring, Community Development Administrator

Phone: (330) 896-6614

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