Letter to Community Regarding Defacing of Central Park Sign

Letter to Community Regarding Defacing of Central Park Sign
Letter from MayorStatement from Mayor Dick Norton regarding the criminal act of defacing the Central Park sign committed on July 3.

July 6, 2015

To the community of Green,

On Friday night, July 3, someone defaced the temporary sign announcing the future location of the new Central Park.  The sign was installed to announce that construction of this much anticipated park will begin on Thursday, July 9. The sign was vandalized using stickers, which have since been removed.  It is disappointing that someone would deface the sign in this way.  While the sign was not damaged, it is still a crime to knowingly deface or vandalize any public or private property.  Anyone with any information about who may have committed this crime is asked to contact Detective Larry Brown with the Summit County Sheriff Department at 330-643-2181.  

There are always naysayers to every project, even a public park that a large majority of people will enjoy.  For the person who felt it was his or her right or duty to deface public property, this criminal act was neither the time nor place to voice your concern.  

Planning and design for this park began in 2012.  Over the past three years, there has been a handful opposed to a Central Park.  Many voiced their opinion at City Council meetings; or through letters and emails to Council and my office.    We listened.   We welcomed their input.  We spent time understanding their concerns.   In addition, we solicited opinions from the public in Spring 2014 about which features and amenities they would most like to see in the Park.  We used the results of this survey to help finalize the construction plans.    Throughout this process, we also received much praise and excitement about this new Park that will be a prominent feature in the center of our City.  The City designed Central Park to bring people of all ages together to connect, play and gather.   Once this Park opens in the summer of 2016, I am confident it will be a shining feature of our City.

This Thursday, we are hosting the ceremonial groundbreaking to signify the start of construction. The ceremony will be held at 9 a.m. under the tent at the future entrance of the park on Steese Road.  I invite all who support this Park to come join us in celebrating this beginning of another great feature that makes Green one of the best places to live in the country. 



Dick Norton, Mayor
City of Green