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Income Tax Forms

City Income Taxes are due on April 15, 2019.
Additional income tax forms for the following  tax years: 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015 or before.

2019 Income Tax Forms

2019 Quarterly Estimated Individual Payments (e-file)

2019 Quarterly Estimated Non-Individual Payments (e-file)

2019 Printable Quarterly Estimated Individual Payments (Print ONLY)

2019 Printable Quarterly Estimated Non-Individual Payments (Print ONLY)

2019 Employer's Monthly Withholdings (e-file)

2019 Employer's Quarterly Withholdings (e-file)

2019 Withholding Instructions

2019 Withholding Form 35 (Print ONLY)

2019 Withholding Reconciliation Form 38 (Print ONLY)

2018 Income Tax Forms

2018 Income Tax Form (Print ONLY -- individuals and businesses use the same form)

2018 Tax Instructions


Misc. Income Tax Forms

Resident Individual Net Profit Loss Offset Worksheet

2018 Schedule C for Businesses with less than 100% Allocation to Green

Partial Year Resident Information

Student Credit Form

Retiree Exemption Certificate

Subcontractor Listing Form

Individual Registration Form

Business Registration Form

Look-up Tool for Estimated Payments and Overpayment Credit

Estimated Payment Look-up Tool and e-file Instruction Guide



2017 Income Tax Forms

2017 Income Tax Form (print only -- individuals and businesses use the same form)

2017 Tax Instructions

2016 Income Tax Forms

2016 Income Tax Form (print only -- Individuals and Businesses use the same form)

2016 Tax Instructions

2015 (and Prior Years) Tax Form

2015 (use for 2015 and prior years) Income Tax Form (print only)

2015 Tax Instructions