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Hartong Farmstead Initiative RFP FAQ

  1. Are farm tours mandatory?

Yes.  Farm tours are currently scheduled for Friday, September 20 @ 10 a.m.; Wednesday, September 25 @ 3 p.m., Friday, September 27 @ 3 p.m and Tuesday, October 1 @ 9:00am.

  2.  Are there limitations to what could be done to the interior of the home?

Yes.  Any planned alterations or improvements made to the interior or exterior of the home must be approved by the City of Green.

  3.  Is the Summit County Sheriff leasing the barn?

The Summit County Mounted Patrol Unit is currently leasing the barn from the City of Green on a year to year basis.

   4.  How can I access the National Register Nomination for the Hartong Farmstead?

The official National Register Nomination form can be found on the city's website here: https://www.cityofgreen.org/uploads/hartong-house-nr-nomination.pdf

   5.   Does the mounted patrol use the whole barn, paddock and upper level? Would the patrol have to vacate once someone was selected or would they still be onsite?  If still onsite, would there be room for the lessee's animals and hay storage and would they be able to access the fenced paddock connected to the barn?

The Summit County Sheriff Mounted Patrol Unit leases the Hartong barn on a year to year basis.  If the chosen applicant wished to have sole use of the barn, paddock and pasture, the Sheriff's lease could be terminated.

    6.  I am unable to attend any of the scheduled farm tours.  May I schedule an alternate date?

Yes.  Please contact Sarah Haring at 330-896-6614 or Sharing@cityofgreen.org to schedule a tour.

    7.  Is the City planning to make improvements to the existing farm structures?

The city is currently painting and repairing the eastern elevation and porches of the farmhouse.  The chicken coop will also be repaired.

    8.  When was the farm field last farmed?

Since acquiring the property in 2014, the field has not been farmed.

    9.  Is the 3.5 acre pasture area part of the farmstead?


    10.  What is the rent for the Hartong farmstead?  

The monthly rent for the farmhouse, farmstead buildings and fields is $1250.00.

    11.  Would pets be allowed in the house?

Language has been added to the lease and is as follows:  "Pets may require an additional security deposit.  Lessees will be required to divulge number and type of pets."  Also please note that it is City of Green policy that all pets in Southgate Park be on a leash at all times.

    12.   Does the outhouse/port-a-john stay in front of the house?

The location of the port-a-john is negotiable.

    13.   Would it be possible to block off the path in front of the house from visitors for privacy?

While the city's goal is to provide an appropriate level of privacy and efficiency for the Hartong tenant, the path through the farmstead is part of the trail system at Southgate Park and is open to all park visitors.  Specific details regarding privacy concerns will be discussed with the successful applicant.

    14.   Will the roofs on the two smaller barns and the chicken coop be replaced?

Not at this time.

    15.   Would we be allowed to share the fenced in pasture?

If the successful applicant wishes sole use of the pasture, the lease with the SC Mounted Patrol Unit may be terminated.  A shared use agreement will require negotiations between the City, the Mounted Patrol Unit and the Lessee.

    16.   Are we allowed to have an electric fence surrounding the 14 acre field?

Electric fencing requires City review and approval before installation. Fencing must be marked clearly and with appropriate signage.