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Green Infrastructure

Green infrastucture is an approach to water management that protects, restores or mimics the natural water cycle.  It helps preserve natural landscape features, minimize impervious area, create functional and appealing site drainage and treats stormwater as a resource, not a problem.

One excellent example of a green infrastructure project within the City of Green is the Boettler Park Wetland & Stream Restoration project: Over the last 5 years this project has:  

  • preserved 12.147 acres of existing wetlands in Southgate Park
  • enhanced 1.134 acres of existing wetland in Boettler and created another 5.520 acres of wetland in Boettler for a total of 6.66 acres (all Category 3 – the highest quality of wetland)
  • daylighted about 1400LF of farm tile to create an ephemeral stream.
  • provided significant prairie and forest restoration

The Growing Green Wetland is a living green initiative created in collaboration with the Green Local Schools and the City of Green.  Located in front of the Green Middle School, this project-in-progress has provided a one-of-a-kind living laboratory for students and residents alike.

  • Growing Green Wetland
    Growing Green Wetland
  • CVS Bioswale
    CVS Bioswale
  • Lichtenwalter Rain Garden
    Lichtenwalter Rain Garden
  • Lichtenwalter Rain Garden
    Lichtenwalter Rain Garden
  • Boettler Wetlands
    Boettler Wetlands
  • Residential Rain Barrel
    Residential Rain Barrel