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Green Fire Launches Community Paramedicine Program

Green Fire Launches Community Paramedicine Program

Green Fire Launches Community Paramedicine to Assist Seniors and Others

Green, OH (Feb. 7, 2019) – Firemedic Brian Lloyd visits Shirley*, a life-long Green Green Fire logoresident, once a week to check her blood pressure, answer questions about her medications, and help her with her physical therapy because she has bad knees and is afraid of falling.  Brian, a community paramedic, is helping Shirley get the care she needs as she waits to see if surgery is an option for her.  As part of her assessment, Brian is helping to see if insurance will cover additional walking aids to make Shirley’s life a bit easier. This service, free of charge to Green residents is just one component of Green’s Community Paramedicine Program.

Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer is pleased to announce that Green Fire is launching a Community Paramedicine program to assist seniors and others in the community.  Community Paramedicine allows Green Firemedics to assist residents in managing their health care after an acute issue (fall, heart attack, stroke or other emergency).  This program has the potential to alleviate repeat visits for emergency care, but equally as important, can help assist residents to understand changes in their health.

“In Green, we have a similar model of care with our Green Outreach (GO) team,” said Fire Chief Jeff Funai. “Whereas the GO Team program focuses on addiction, this program is designed to assist residents with their continuum of care following an emergency room visit or an acute health issue.  After an emergency, there are often new care instructions and medications that can be overwhelming for a patient to manage on their own.”

Residents will first be identified in a number of ways for the program: 1. From previous calls for emergency services; 2. Upon release from hospitals or rehabilitation facilities; and 3. Referrals from other social services such as Direction Home or our Summit County Sheriff Senior Visitation program.

After just a week since the launch of the program, Community Paramedic Coordinator Firemedic Brian Lloyd is already visiting ten Green residents, all of whom are appreciative of the added service.  In the coming months as partnerships with local rehabilitation centers and local hospitals grow, Green Fire will be able to follow the resident from emergency call to hospital to home.

“The goal is to help residents stay healthier and prevent repeat incidents that require emergency or acute care,” said Lloyd.  “We want to help our residents, especially our seniors, to feel safe and secure so they can live independently in their homes.”

Initial Visit
The first visit with the Community Paramedic begins with health assessment and an understanding of health needs and goals, as well as blood pressure and basic vitals check.

Subsequent visits will be tailored to the specific health needs of the resident. In addition to medical care, the Community Paramedic may also assess safety needs such as grab bars, smoke alarms and CO detectors. If needed, they will connect the resident to other City and County services and programs available to ensure a safe home environment.

While most patients will be identified through the emergency call process, residents can contact Green Fire Division at 330-896-6610 to request an assessment for themselves or a family member to see if they could benefit from the program.

*Name and specific care instructions changed for privacy.


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