Green Fire Division Launches Campaign to Encourage Residents to Sign Up for Green Alert

Green Fire Division Launches Campaign to Encourage Residents to Sign Up for Green Alert

City of Green’s Fire Division Launches Campaign to Encourage Residents to Sign-up
their cell phone numbers for Green Alert, an emergency notification system specific to Green

Green, OH –Green’s Fire Division is asking that all residents of Green register their cell phone numbers or email addresses with the City’s new Green Alert emergency notification system. The system sends voice or text message alerts to residents in the event of an imminent health and safety concern for Green. The City has had a similar system in place since 2009; however, has now converted to a new service provider, Everbridge.

Residents and those who work in the City of Green, or who wish to receive emergency alerts about Green, should register for the alerts at the City’s website The City is also asking that all residents who previously signed up for the prior system to reenroll to ensure accuracy.

All listed landline phone numbers are currently in the system, which will be used for voice alerts in the event of an imminent emergency such as a tornado. However, in the event of emergencies, the computer system can only send calls out as fast as the infrastructure allows, which could take up to 10 minutes. Text messages are inherently less robust data which can be sent out faster and in an emergency can be significant.

“We are asking all residents of Green to sign-up their cell phone numbers through our website for the system,” said Mayor Dick Norton. “We understand there are several ways to receive information today with various apps and alerts, but this system is specific to Green with information being sent from our own safety personnel.”

Individuals are asked to sign-up separately, not by household. Individuals will be able to select the type of information they wish to receive – emergency messages only or emergency messages and severe weather alerts. In addition, individuals will be able to prioritize the order of how they receive the messages such as land line phone first, then cell phone, etc.

“One of the benefits to this new service provider is that there is a feedback loop, which means once residents receive a voice call they are asked to confirm receipt of the message,” said Captain Jeff Funai who is leading the introduction of this system for the City. “Once the message is confirmed, the system stops trying to call that individual. For example, if the individual doesn’t answer their home phone to confirm, then the individual would receive a call on their cell phone, or however they personally prioritized the way they wished to be contacted.”

“The system also allows individuals to add up to five addresses within Green to their registration. This way residents can add their home address, their kid’s school address, their work address, and their parent’s address as long as they are all in Green,” said Funai. “Depending on the type of emergency, messages can be sent out to a specific area within the city.”

To register, visit and follow the link to Green Alert from the City’s homepage. Those who do not have computer access may contact the Green Fire Division at 330-896-6610 to register. For more information and frequently asked questions, visit

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