Design for First Responders Memorial Revealed

Design for First Responders Memorial Revealed

The City of Green Announces the Design for the First Responders Memorial
to be added to the Green Veterans Memorial Park In 2016

Green, OH – The City of Green is pleased to announce the concept design for the View 3First Responders Memorial to be added to the Green Veterans Memorial Park, 1900 Steese Road, in 2016.   The memorial will be dedicated to the police, fire, ems and dispatchers who serve our community and country as the first responders to times in need. 

“The original concept for the Veterans Park included a second and third phase that incorporated adding a First Responders Memorial among other elements,” said Mike Elkins, Parks and Recreation Superintendent for the City of Green. View 1

The Veterans Memorial Park, designed by POD Design of Columbus, was built with 100% donated funds and dedicated in 2010.    The memorial features four distinct features:  the Ribbon Walk, a walking path configured in the form of a ribbon to symbolize support for troops; the Honor Terrace, a stone terrace with eternal flame that serves as the centerpiece of the memorial; the Stories of Service Grove, a brick walkway paved with memorial bricks; and the Celebration Lawn, a grassy area in the center of the ribbon for the community to gather and celebrate the lives of those who have served at Memorial Day and Veterans Day events.  View 2

The first phase of the park included these elements.  Phase two, three and additional phases of the park include additional landscaping, additional lighting, a patriotic themed playground to replace the deteriorating play structure at the park, adding a First Responders Memorial at the Apex of the ribbon walk, and building the west side of the Stories of Service Grove.

“Since the 2010 dedication day, we’ve added landscaping, and most recently, completed the ADA-accessible Patriotic-themed play structure, named Patriots Playground, to the park,” said Mike Elkins.  “The next piece is the First Responders Memorial.”          

The First Responders Memorial Design

In August, a committee of current and retired police, fire and veterans discussed with the designer, Josh Helms of OHM Advisors, the elements to be incorporated in the design.   The committee consisted of Summit County Sheriff Steve Barry, former Summit County Sheriff Drew Alexander, Green Fire Chief Jeff Funai, Former Green Fire Chief Bob Calderone, Firemedic and USMC veteran Justin Pratt, Parks and Recreation Board Member Les Kuglics, USMC veteran Joe Sheehan, City Service Director Paul Oberdorfer and Mike Elkins. 

The memorial design mirrors the obelisk of the eternal flame on the Honor Terrace, but incorporates water instead of a flame.  The design includes a recessed patio with seating.  

 Fundraising Campaign Begins

On November 11, 2015, the fundraising campaign to construct the First Responders Memorial officially begins.   Following the Veterans Day Ceremony, hosted by the City of Green at 10:45 a.m., attendees are invited to view the design in the John Torok Community Center.    Pledge cards will be accepted.   The goal is to raise $75,000 to construct the memorial with a dedication date of May 2016.  

“We have a lofty goal of raising the $75,000 for the memorial by April, but I am confident our community will support this memorial as they did the entire Veterans Park in 2010 when we were able to raise more than $250,000 in four months,” said Elkins.  

Individuals or businesses interested in making a donation can send checks, made out to the Green Veterans Memorial Park Fund, c/o City of Green, P.O. Box 278, Green, OH 44232-0278.  For more information, please call 330-896-6621.

In addition, memorial pavers are still available for purchase and are installed twice a year before Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  To purchase a paver or for information about how to make a donation, visit

The mission of the park is to build a memorial to serve as a functional community gathering place to thank, honor, and celebrate the lives of all who served and defended “The United States of America” by creating a place of respect, of pride, of hope, and a demonstration of patriotism.


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