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1. What is tax amnesty?
2. When is tax amnesty?
3. Who qualifies for tax amnesty?
4. Who must file a City of Green tax return?
5. How do I take advantage of tax amnesty?
6. Which document(s) are needed in order to make my individual tax return(s) “complete”?
7. Why should I take advantage of tax amnesty?
8. What if I do not take advantage of tax amnesty?
9. How do I know how much I owe?
10. What are your office hours?
11. What if I cannot pay my taxes in full?
12. What happens to the waived penalties, interest and late filing fee if I miss a payment?
13. I currently have a payment plan. Can I add any additional taxes I owe to my payment plan?
14. What is the City of Green’s tax rate?
15. Do I receive credit for taxes paid to other cities?
16. What if I have other questions not listed in this FAQ?