The cleanest energy is the energy you never use.

For this reason, energy efficiency is perhaps the most overlooked resource but energy efficiency is happening just about everywhere – where we live, work, shop, and play.

And the opportunities for energy efficiency savings in Ohio homes, businesses and factories are massive – we can literally never stop improving the efficiency of everything that requires power.

Simply defined, energy efficiency means getting the same amount of services we expect when we use energy – electricity or natural gas in our homes, for example – but using less of it to deliver those same services.

For instance, when we enter a room and flip a switch, we expect the lights to come on. Energy efficiency can deliver the same amount of lighting, but uses less energy to help us see clearly around the room.

Energy efficiency is a common sense resource, because the best kind of energy is the kind you don’t need to use. Energy waste is reduced by making our homes, businesses, factories, schools, and government buildings more efficient through the use of more efficient products, like lighting and home appliances, and by sealing up drafty areas so that your inside air – either heated or air conditioned – can’t escape.

(Information courtesy of the Ohio Environmental Council)