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Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.
For polling locations and information, visit www.summitcountyboe.com.

There are a number of ballot issues on the Nov. 6 ballot for Green voters to decide.

Issues specific to Green: 

Issue 13: Proposed Chater Amendment -- Shall Article 5 Section 3 of the Charter of the City of Green be amended to move the primary election date for municipal elections to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May?

Issue 14: Proposed Charter Amendment (by Petition) -- Shall Article 6 Section 4 of the Charter of the City of Green be amended to make the City of Green's Law Director an elected position and require that the Law Director be an elector of the City of Green?

Visit www.summitcountyboe.com for complete election and ballot information.

Statewide Issues:

Issue 1: To Reduce Penalties for Crimes of Obtaining, Possessing, and Using Illegal Drugs Proposed Constitutional Amendment. Proposed by Initiative Petition to add a new Section 12 to Article XV of the Constitution of the State of Ohio


City of Green Statement -- September 26, 2018:
Ballot Initiative for a Charter Amendment regarding the Law Director Position

On the November 6 ballot, Issue #14 is a petition initiative, that if passed by a majority of votes, would amend the charter of the City of Green and change the position of law director from an appointed position to an elected position. 

The petition initiative, circulated by a political action committee, received the required number of valid signatures; and therefore, Green City Council passed an ordinance to place the issue on the November 6 ballot.  The ordinance is NOT a statement for the ballot initiative.  Below are a few explanations of what is currently required by the Green City Charter and the Ohio Revised Code for law director position. 

  • The City of Green’s Charter created when Green became a City in 1992 called for the Law Director to be an appointed position by the mayor to be confirmed by 2/3 of City Council. 
  • In some City’s the law director position is an elected position.  Many of the cities in Ohio that have an elected law director do not have term limits for their elected positions.   By charter, all of Green’s elected officials must be a resident of Green and are limited to two consecutive terms.  This would extend to the law director position as well, if it becomes an elected position.  Locally only the City of Stow has a term limited City Law Director.
  • Required by the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), Section 733.50, City law directors are required to be an attorney of law qualified to practice in the State of Ohio.  As part of Green’s Charter, all elected City of Green officials must be a Green resident and the law director must have a minimum of five years of municipal law experience.   With this said, the number of eligible candidates to run for law director is limited. According to the Political Action Committee who started the petition stated, in various media reports, a misleading number of 400 attorneys may be eligible in the City of Green to run for office.  It is true, there are approximately 400 attorneys listed in the Green area. However, upon closer inspection of the query, 107 of them are inactive, retired, deceased, or do not have a minimum of five years of law experience.  In addition, as Green is served by six zip codes, an estimated one-half of those remaining may not be residents of Green, but of another municipality or township that shares a zip code with the City of Green. 
  • As stated in the ORC, the powers and duties of the City law director is to prepare all contracts, bonds, etc. and to serve as legal counsel to the City directors and officers.  The law director is also deemed to be a prosecuting attorney of the mayor's court, something the City of Green does not have.  Green is currently served by the Barberton Municipal Prosecutor and Court.
  • The City of Green’s law director salary range is currently listed at $71,870 - $100,575.  


Issue 1 -- Information provided by the Green Drug Task Force.
October 22, 2018

The Green Drug Task Force encourages all to learn more about Issue #1 before  determining how you choose to vote. Remember Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6. For ballot information and polling locations, visit  www.summitcountyboe.com.
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Columbus Dispatch Editorial Board: NO on Issue 1