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Dogs Hired to Control Geese Population

Dogs Hired to Control Geese Population

City of Green Hires Ohio Geese Control to Control Geese Population at Boettler Park

HopeGreen, OH – While dogs aren’t allowed in Boettler Park, these border collies are allowed. In fact, the City has asked them to come chase geese out of the park. The City of Green has contracted with Ohio Geese Control, a company that uses trained border collies to provide an ecological approach to managing nuisance geese populations.

Geese, seemingly innocent wild animals, can cause significant damage to a park creating unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Each goose produces one to two pounds of droppings daily fouling ponds and littering play areas and ballfields. The droppings can be a health risk and carry Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. In addition, geese in parks often lose their fear of humans because of well-meaning people feeding the animals and overtime may become aggressive of their territory, especially during nesting season.

Ohio Geese Control uses trained border collies, because geese perceive them as a threat, to harass and chase the geese from the area. Over time, the geese will seek other areas due to the harassment from the dogs. The dogs do not harm the geese in any way, but are extremely effective at this natural way to eliminate geese from the park.

“At Boettler Park, the geese population has risen significantly in the past few years, which is effecting the ecology of the pond making it costly to maintain,” said Mike Elkins, superintendent of parks and recreation. “In addition, geese are leaving droppings on the soccer fields, in particular, as they fly between the pond and the wetlands creating unsanitary conditions for our kids and families.”

This method of control is effective for a few years before geese begin to return to the area.

The dogs will be in the park at various times throughout the day and will be identified by wearing orange vests. Park visitors are asked to not pet the dogs, while they are working, and to keep their dogs on leashes.

In addition to Boettler Park, Ohio Geese Control will also remove geese from the pond area in front of the Central Administration Building and Spring Hill Sports Complex.

By City ordinance, dogs are only permitted in Southgate Park.

The City of Green, Ohio, founded in 1992, is a prosperous, progressive and promising city with more than 25,000 residents. Approximately 33.5 square-miles, Green is located in southern Summit County. Visit www.cityofgreen.org. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cityofgreenohio


  • Jeff and dog Joff working
    Jeff and dog Joff working
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