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Current Development Projects

The City of Green's Planning Department reviews site plans, zoning request changes and subdivisions within the city. Below is more information about current and recent projects as they progress through the planning process.



Chase Bank

Chase Bank

(T. Meseck, The Architects Partnership)

Location: Northwest corner of Boettler/Massillon Rds. 

Site Plan Review

Zoning: B-1

Applicant is proposing an overall 55’ x 70’ (3,558 SF) branch office for Chase Bank, which would be located at the northwest corner of Boettler and Massillon Roads, adjacent to McAfee Tool & Die Company.   This would be the first Chase facility within the City.   The proposed financial institution is permitted in the B-1 District.

The vacant one acre parcel was split off from the McAfee property in 2012 in anticipation of a Fifth-Third Bank branch office at the time.  That project did not proceed but the property is currently owned by Fifth Third.  A .029 acre strip of land at the corner and extending along the Boettler Road frontage was then acquired by the City for right-of-way purposes (for future widening).  In the interim, the City has planned to install a roundabout at the intersection and additional property is needed for right-of-way to accommodate that feature.  Final design drawings are not yet available and the area that is designated on the site plan for this purpose is approximate at this time.   The applicant is aware of this situation and has decided to move forward with the project. 

Staff Report




Seco Machine

Seco Elevation

(D. Aulger, Campbell Construction)

Location: Southeast corner of Greensburg/Mayfair Roads

Site Plan Review

Zoning: I-1

Applicant is proposing an overall 119,948 SF office/warehouse/manufacturing facility for Seco Machine on the southeast corner of Greensburg & Mayfair Roads.  The project consists of a 10,948 SF office area, 92,200 SF of manufacturing (metal fabrication) space, and 16,800 SF of warehouse space.  An outdoor storage area is also proposed at the rear of the facility. The proposed use is permitted in the I-1 District.

The 11.6 acre site will be split-off from an existing 20.25 acre vacant parcel of land that is currently used for agricultural purposes. (Minor subdivision documents are forthcoming for review). The new lot would meet zoning requirements for lot area, width, and frontage. All building setbacks would comply. Building coverage of the lot would comply at 24% (33% maximum) and impervious surface ratio would comply at 46% (70% maximum).


Staff Report



Status: Approved 



Aldi Grocery Store

Aldi Grocery Elev



(R. Papotto, Atwell, LLC.)

Location: Northeast corner of Massillon Rd& Town Park Blvd. (Union Square)Final Site Plan ReviewZoning: PD








Applicant is presenting a final site plan for a proposed 22,000 SF Aldi store at the northeast corner of Massillon Road and Town Park Blvd. The site lies within the Union Square Planned Development District, which was established in 2012 via the approval of a conceptual site plan by City Council.

The project would be situated within “Area A-Office/Retail” as identified in the conceptual plan (see attached). The 2.301acre site would be created via a lot split from the existing vacant tract of land that extends east to I-77 and south to Wise Rd.  Lot split documents have been submitted for review.  (Note: the lot split is not required by the City for this project.)  The proposed grocery store use adheres with the retail component identified in the concept plan. The applicant is now presenting the final site plan per the code requirements of the PD District.  


Staff Report 

Site Plan 


Status: Approved



Spencer Rezoning

Rezoning of Approximately 3.0484 acres on Robins Trace from R-2 (Multi-family) to R-1 (Single-family).Spencer Rezoning Map

 Staff Report





Arlington Ridge Townhomes

Arlington Ridge Color Elev.

(S. Harrold, Spire Development)
Location: 663-693 Moore Road
Site Plan Review
Zoning: R-2
Applicant is proposing a 46-unit apartment community on the north side of Moore Road, directly west of the recently completed Reseve at Green Apartments. The site contains a total of 8.8286 acres of land, which is currently comprised of three existing parcels of land (each with a single-family residence) and a portion of an adjacent vacant parcel. All parcels are under common ownership at this time. A lot consolidation is required prior to final approval of the project (documents have been submitted for review). The proposed land use is permitted in the R-2 District. 
This project is being developed as "workforce" housing, which is aimed at meeting the needs of working families by offering rents that are based on the Average Mean Income (AMI) of the area and is updated annually. To support this arrangement, the project has been awarded State of Ohio tax credits. Spire Development, with Fairfield Homes, would own the project and have responsibility for the tenant selection process. 


Status: Approved 



FedEx Crossdock Facility

(K. Kiernan, The Kiernan Companies)FedEx Color Elev.
Location: Port Green, Lot 24, Global Gateway
Site Plan Review
Zoning: B-5
Applicant is proposing a trucking facility for FedEx Freight within CAK International Business Park No. 3 (Port Green). The project would consist of an office, crossdocks with dispatch pod, and a maintenance shop. The proposed use is permitted in the B-5 District. 

Status: Approved 





Bayside Investments Planned Development

C. Cawrse, Cawrse & Associates

Bayside DevLocation: Between I-77 & Tabs DriveConceptual Site Plan & Rezoning 

Applicant is presenting a conceptual site plan for Bayside Investment Group, which is seeking to develop 50.9 acres of land that lies between Tabs Drive and I-77 (former Miller Farm). The plan indicates a mixed-use development consisting of attached multi-family, single-family, and commercial uses.  A similar plan was reviewed by the Planning & Zoning Commission at the January 18, 2017 meeting as a Discussion item (i.e. no action taken).<">The rezoning request associated with this conceptual plan is for 50.9 acres of land from R-1, Single-Family Residential to PD, Planned Development. 

The site, which consists of two parcels of land, is currently owned by the applicant.  The main tract (40+ acres) contains a single-family residence and is characterized by a wooded area to the north and agricultural fields to the south.  <>An adjacent 5+ acre parcel to the east is entirely wooded and vacant (see attached aerial).; >A pond, intermittent streams, and the majority of the wetland areas on site are found within the northern portion.  The site is bounded by I-77 to the north, the Akron Canton Corporate Park to the east/south, City of Green property to the south, and residential property to the west.The property currently has frontage on the south end of Molly Drive, which intersects with E. Turkeyfoot Lake Road to the north.

Status: Approved 

Staff Report


Site Plan



TWL DevelopmentTWL Development Pic

S. Wallenhorst, GPD Group
Location: Southwest corner of Massillon/Graybill Roads
Site Plan Review

Applicant is proposing a retail/restaurant development on a 7.84 acre site located at the southwest corner of Massillon and Graybill Roads. The proposed land use is conditionally permitted in the B-2 District and a public hearing and issuance of a Conditional Use Certificate will be required by the PZC.

The site consists of a 7 acre tract and two smaller parcels that are currently owned by Summa Health System and are under option by the developer. A lot consolidation will be required. The property abuts the Summa property to the north and Stonebridge Apartment complex to the south. To the west lies the single-family residences along April Drive in the Green Highlands Allotment. It has frontage on the west end of the Graybill Road cul-de-sac and along Massillon Road, south of the facility that houses Ritzman Pharmacy. A Subsurface Investigation has been completed by Timmerman Geotechnical Group and has been submitted for review. Generally speaking, the report indicated that the site is suitable to support pavement and the buildings associated with the proposed development. It also reported that there would likely be isolated areas with unsuitable soils due to old basements, foundations, and abandoned septic systems from the previous residential uses in this area.

The project consists of a 24,480 SF main anchor building (likely a specialty grocer) with an attached 8,400 SF multi-tenant building in the southwestern portion of the site. In the front (eastern) portion of the site, a 2,100 SF fast-food restaurant with drive-thru along with a separate building containing a 4,040 SF quick-serve restaurant (QSR) and 4,080 SF retail space with drive-thru are proposed. This would total 36,960 SF of retail space and 6,140 SF of restaurant use. These numbers could change if a restaurant occupies part of the multi-tenant space (i.e. a restaurant with outdoor patio is possible here). The drive-thru facilities are also conditionally permitted in the B-2 District.

The anchor building would be set back 100’ from the rear (west) property line, which abuts the residential allotment, and 66’ from the south property line, abutting the apartments. The fast-food restaurant would have 89’ front yard and 76’ side yard setbacks and the QSR/retail building would be set back 99’ in front and 50’ from the side (north) property line (Ritzman site). All setbacks would comply as presented (minimum 50’ front yard and 25’ or height of the building for side/rear yards). The consolidated lot would meet requirements for lot area, width, and frontage. Building coverage at 13% and impervious surface ratio of 61% would also comply (33%/75% maximums).

Status: Approved




 The Boulevard/Greensburgh Manor

C. Williams, Green Project Dev., LLC; J. McCabe, The Woda Group, Inc.; P.B. Wrightsel, Vision Development, Inc.Greensburgh Manor Elev
Location: 3995 - 4015 Massillon Road/1970 Burgess Drive/2020 Graybill Road
General Development Plan Amendment
Zoning: PD

Project Description:

Applicants are presenting a request to amend the approved general development plan for the existing Planned Development District currently known as “The Grove/The Grove Villas of Green”. The 23.42 acre district is located on the east side of Massillon Road, south of Graybill Road. This is not a request for rezoning.

The original general development plan for the district was reviewed by the Planning & Zoning Commission at the February 16, 2011 meeting and consisted of a mixed-use development of retail/office/restaurant space and townhomes. That project did not proceed and an amended general plan was presented at the January 15, 2014 PZC meeting when the original developer, Green Project Development, LLC joined forces with Foremost Development Co. That plan replaced the townhomes with a total of six (6) three-story apartment buildings with a total of 180 units (The Grove Villas of Green) and was subsequently approved by City Council. An amendment to this plan is now presented for review. A copy of the previously approved plan is attached for reference.

The general development plan under consideration at this time includes the same components of the current plan and adds a new component, a 50-unit senior apartment building to be known as the Greensburgh Manor and developed by The Woda Group, Inc.  Units would be one-bedroom and rent is based on the Average Median Income (AMI) for the area, which is updated annually.   Woda applied for State of Ohio tax credits for this project and an award was recently granted, permitting it to proceed. Regulations related to the tax credit require construction to be completed within two (2) years. It is understood that the developer desires to begin construction in the Spring of 2015, pending receipt of all required approvals and permits. The proposed use is permitted in the PD District. 

The Manor would be situated within the current 11.5 acre western (commercial) half of the district (The Grove).   Here, a new three (3) acre parcel would be created in the open space area between a proposed north-south public roadway and the eastern edge of The Grove.  The Grove Villas of Green, on the eastern half of the district, would remain unchanged. Overall, the district would consist of 8.74 acres of commercial use, 3 acres of senior apartments, and 12.04 acres of apartments. The new three acre parcel would also have frontage on a new east-west public roadway that would serve as access to the site from Massillon Road. 

The plan indicates the general footprint of buildings, parking areas, open spaces and amenities, and roadways. A conceptual rendering is also provided for the Manor, which is shown as a V-shaped, three-story building with a central entryway and drop-off canopy. Building setbacks would be appropriately 40’ to the right-of-way line of the north-south roadway, 15’ to the rear property line, and 45’ to the side property line. It would also be set back approximately 190’ from the east-west roadway.   Due to the configuration of the building, setbacks are to the “corners” of the structure and setback dimensions would increase along the adjacent walls.   Per code, front yard setbacks to non-arterial streets and side/rear yard setbacks are established as part of this review process. Density of approximately 17 units per acre would comply (20 units/acre maximum for senior restricted apartments).

The Grove would also be modified as a result of the addition of the Manor project. This includes the footprint reduction  of the proposed three-story Building #3 from 42,000 SF to 30,000 SF and the elimination of future Building #4, which was previously planned as a three-story 28,000 SF building east of Building #3.

Staff Report


Status: Under construction.



Transitions Senior Living Site PlanBrier Creek
J. Warmus, Warmus Builders, Inc.
Location: 1102/1184 Boettler Road
Request for Rezoning: 80.6 acres from R-1 to PD

Project Description:
Applicant is presenting a general development plan for the development of the overall 80.6 acre site at 1102 and 1184 Boettler Road, which was formerly known as Kiefl Farm. The site consists of two separate parcels; the 79.6 acre farm tract that also includes a single-family residence and a one acre parcel that also contains a single-family residence. The two properties will be consolidated in conjunction with the final development plan review. The rezoning request is for 80.6 acres of land from R-1, Single-Family Residential to PD, Planned Development.

The general development plan under consideration features a development mix that is geared toward “senior living” that would include cluster housing, senior apartments, Independent/Assisted living, and a Memory Care Center, which would encompass approximately 74 acres of the site. The plan also includes approximately 6 acres for professional office buildings. There are no retail uses proposed within the District. The plan indicates general building footprints, the roadway configuration, and location of open space/stormwater management facilities. The District would be served by central sewer and water services, which are available on Boettler Road.

Staff Report

Status: Under construction.



The Gables of GreenGables of Green
Jeff Mockbee, CAM, Inc.
Location: Franks Pkwy/Graybill Rd.
Zoning District: PD
Request: New building

Project Description:

Applicant is proposing an Assisted Living/Memory Care facility within the Heritage Crossings of Green Planned Development District. The 75 acre District is locatedat the northeast corner of Massillon & Graybill Roads and extends to I-77.

The proposed facility would be situated on the proposed 5.9513 acre Lot 4 at the northeast corner of Graybill and future Franks Pkwy (if that name is continued). The current final plan is consistent with the approved general plan.

A floor plan has been provided that proposes 66 Assisted Living units (ranging from studio units to one-bedroom units with den) and 24 Memory Care units (26 total beds in studio and semi-private units) for a total of 90 units (92 beds).


Staff Report

Status: Under Construction


Splash Car Wash
T. Cerny, Architectural Design Studio
Splash Car Wash
Location: 3405 S. Arlington Road
Zoning District: B-1
Request: Site Plan Review- New Building

Project Description:

Applicant is proposing an overall 134'x 46' (5,873 SF) facility for Splash Car Wash at 3405 S. Arlington Road. The proposed car wash woudl be situated on an existing 1.208 acre vacant parcel located within the Interstate Business Park at the southeast corner of S. Arlington Road and Interstate Parkway, adjacent to the Lowe's property. The proposed use is permitted in the B-1 District. 

Staff Report

Status: Open




Questions??? Contact the Planning Department at (330)896-6614 or email Nichole Baldinger, Administrative Secretary at nbaldinger@cityofgreen.org.