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Comet Road Closure Monday, August 13 - Thursday, August 16

Comet Road Closure Monday, August 13 - Thursday, August 16

The City of Green received notification from NEXUS that their contractor will be closing E. Comet Road between Comet Lane and Noreast Drive beginning August 13. 

The closure, required to install the pipeline across the road, will be through August 16.  This is the only section of road that requires the contractor to open cut the road to install the pipe.  Following the placement of the pipe, the road will be repaired and then reopened.

Detours will be posted.  Residents on Comet Lane and to the east of the closure will have access to their homes from the east (Christman Road).  Residents on Noreast Drive and to the west of the closure will be able to access their homes from the west (South Main Street).   Our emergency services are aware of the closure and will adjust response plans to respond quickly in the event of an emergency.