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Code Violation Reporting

While Green Zoning is responsible for ensuring that structures are constructed in compliance with the Code, we are also responsive to reports from residents, property owners, and business owners about possible nuisance conditions. The most common are described below, along with Green Zoning's procedure for abatement.

        • Grass Violation: A violation exists on a parcel of land when the grass has attained an overall height of eight (8) inches and weeds that have been designated as noxious under OAC 901:5-37 located on any parcel of land situated in the City after April 15th of any year. The following shall be exempted from the definition of offensive weeds and grass:

          1)      Vegetation in wetlands and the area within any designated riparian corridor

          2)      Maintained flower and vegetable gardens, including wildflower gardens, rain gardens, bug gardens, and any other approved plantings

          3)      Parcels of land one (1) acre or more may be exempted in whole or in part under all the following conditions, upon determination of the Code Inspection that:

          a)       The offensive weeds are deemed not to negatively impact neighboring properties and the neighborhood

          b)      All the areas within thirty (30) feet on any public or private roadway, all side adjacent properties and in areas abutting active and maintained lots and land that are maintained at a height of eight (8) inches or less.

          c)       All the area within thirty (30) feet of any residential or commercial building is maintained at a height of eight (8) inches or less

          When a violation condition is deemed to exist the Zoning Division will provide written notice to the property owner that the weeds or grass must be cut within five (5) days after service of the notice.  After that time the Zoning Division shall have the required maintenance performed and invoice the property owner of record for costs incurred.  After thirty (30) days unpaid invoices shall be placed as an assessment on the property taxes of the subject parcel.

    • Litter: Green Zoning is responsible for enforcing city code which prohibits dumping or accumulating discarded items on private or public property.

Report a possible violation: zoning@cityofgreen.org or call (330) 896-6605.