#Clean Green '17

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Mark your calendars for Earth Day - Saturday, April 22 from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Meet at the Knapp Recreation Area pavilion.  Breakfast, t-shirts, litter pick up equipment is provided.

Register by email: livinggreen@cityofgreen.org

The City of Green and the Living Green Task Force are partnering with Portage Lakes Advisory Council (PLAC) to clean up the Cottage Grove Lake and surrounding recreational areas in the City of Green.  For 30 years PLAC has hosted a litter pick day in their quest to keep the Portage Lakes water clean.  This year, the Living Green Task Force is coming alongside PLAC to focus on sections of the Portage Lakes that are located in the City of Green.

 Can't join us?  Host your own litter pick up event - take before and after pictures.  Send them to livinggreen@cityofgreen.org and we will share your project here and on Facebook!  Thanks for keeping Green Clean!

Cottage Grove Lakef

Cottage Grove Lake Area