Clean Green '19

City of Green Announces Clean Green ‘19 to be held at Southgate Park

May 18

Green, OH –  Volunteer to pick up litter, mulch trails and pull invasive garlic mustard weed at Southgate Park as part of the 2019 Clean Green event.  Clean Green, a Living Green Task Force initiative, is scheduled for May 18, 8am to 12 noon.

Southgate Park is a 197 acre nature preserve that has provided the City of Green an extraordinary opportunity to preserve high quality wetlands, protect natural habitat and conserve natural features that contribute to the high quality of life in our community and the State of Ohio's natural heritage.  Volunteers are needed to help protect this property by removing trash, litter, and debris, mulching trails and identifying and removing invasive garlic mustard weed that grows within the park.

Adults and older children accompanied by their parents are welcome to participate. Litter pick-up tools are limited.  Volunteers are asked to bring their own tools, work gloves, wear work boots, and dress appropriately for the weather. Register here.

Volunteers will meet at the Boettler Park Pavilion to receive instructions from team leaders.  Parking for the event can be found at 5300 Massillon Rd., Boettler Park, near the pavilion at the north trail head entrance to Southgate Park; and at the trailhead parking lot at 6521 Mt. Pleasant Rd.  Lunch provided.

The Living Green Task Force is an all volunteer committee dedicated to achieving sustainable practices in the areas of recycling, water, energy, air quality, trees and healthy community through education and engagement.  To learn more, visit


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    Clean Green Mascot
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