City of Green Renews Contract with Constellation Energy Service for Gas Aggregation Supplier

City of Green Renews Contract with Constellation Energy Service for Gas Aggregation Supplier

Green, Ohio (February 5, 2016) – City of Green officials are pleased to announce that they have again chosen Constellation Energy Services (Constellation) as the program’s supplier for a two-year program ending with the April 2018 billing cycle.  Residents and small businesses should look for a notice from Constellation to arrive on or about February 15, 2016 which explains the offer and conditions of the program.

Mayor Gerard Neugebauer reminds residents that, “the program will continue to offer rates that vary from month-to-month, but members have the option at any time during the program to convert to a fixed rate price for a twelve month period, or through the expiration of the program, whichever occurs first.” 

If elected by the customer, the rate offered will be equal to a 9 percent discount off the standard Constellation 12-month offer shown on the Public Utility Commission of Ohio’s Apples to Apples Price Comparison Chart at the time the customer makes the decision to convert.

According to Mark Burns, President of Independent Energy Consultants, there are several ways customers can join the city’s program. First, residents and small businesses may call Constellation at (844) 516-5246.  Second, customers may mail or fax the reply card that comes with the letter sent to their home or business.  Customers may also enroll online at www.Constellation/oh-green.

“Constellation is proud to continue to provide residents and small businesses in the city of Green with price certainty and the same hassle-free experience we offer all customers,” said Bruce Stewart, chief marketing officer for Constellation. “As a longtime competitive energy supplier in Ohio, we look forward to supplying natural gas to Green’s residential and small business customers.”

Customers wishing to join the program must be in good standing with their bill payment and cannot be part of the utility’s percentage of income payment program (PIPP). Further, residents served by other suppliers are encouraged to review the terms and conditions of their current supplier agreement before enrolling, as many suppliers charge a penalty for early termination.

The city of Green is pleased to make this program possible. However, due to the large volume of calls, city officials ask that residents contact Constellation directly regarding questions about the program.

Please Note:   The supply rate from Constellation does not include taxes or utility distribution charges.

FAQs regarding Gas Aggregation Program