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City of Green Installs Narcan Kits at CAK

City of Green Installs Narcan Kits at CAK


The Akron Canton Airport teams with the Green Drug Task Force
and Cover2 to Install NARCAN Emergency Kits at the Airport


Green, OH – The Akron-Canton Airport is partnering with the Green Drug Task Force to install seven Emergency Narcan Kits, which can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, throughout the terminal this summer.  The NaloxBox units, similar to AED or First Aid kits located in public places, will be installed alongside CAK’s existing Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units.

In June, five hotels in Green installed similar kits and trained staff to administer NARCAN in the event of an emergency. The program is supported by the Green Drug Task Force and paid in part by the Summit County Health Department who also provides the training to airport staff on how to administer NARCAN.

“We are pleased the Akron-Canton Airport has taken this step to be prepared in the event of an emergency,” said Mayor Gerard Neugebauer. “Having the airport partner with us by taking the steps to assist individuals in the event of an emergency shows compassion and understanding of substance abuse disorders. This small step makes a difference.”

Three NaloxBox units at the Airport will be supplied by RIDMAT/MRC and RI Responds, the manufacturer of Naloxbox, while the other four units will be purchased by Akron-Canton Airport.  The Narcan Emergency Kits cost approximately $250.  The NARCAN is provided by the Summit County Health Department.  Following the installation, airport staff was trained on how to administer NARCAN, a nasal spray. Summit County Health Department also provides free NARCAN to individuals or family members of those most at risk. 


“While we have not experienced an overdose inside the terminal, we are aware of the growing epidemic and feel responsible as a public facility to be equipped to handle such an incident,” said Ren Camacho, President and CEO of CAK. “If we save just one life, it’s well worth the investment.”

The Green Fire Division tracks the number of NARCAN uses each year with the City of Green.  From 2014 through 2016, the numbers increased steadily with 27 in 2014, 42 to 2015 and 83 in 2016.  It was in 2016 that the Green Drug Task Force formed.  And in January 2017 the Green Outreach Team, our Quick Response Team, began visiting victims within a week of their overdose to offer assistance.  Since then, the numbers have declined to 60 uses of NARCAN by Green Fire in 2017, 40 in 2018, and 16 year-to-date in 2019.  

 “With the Akron Canton Airport in the City of Green, our fire division is the first responders during emergencies and having these Narcan kits in the airport can help save a life, when time is critical,  before our emergency team arrives,” said Jeremy Chambers, fire medic and member of the Green Outreach Team, which visits victims of overdose or drug abuse within a week after an emergency to offer assistance and recover help.

The idea to install emergency NARCAN kits in hotels, the airport and other public places in the City of Green started with Greg McNeil, founder of Cover2 Resources, a 501 c(3) non-profit serving  Northeast Ohio that was created following the loss of son, Sam, to a heroin overdose in October 2015.  

“Green has embraced the need for education and services to combat the opioid epidemic,” said McNeil. “Because of the Drug Task Force’s work in the community and the relationships they have built, it was the ideal location to launch the Community of First Responders initiative and installing NARCAN emergency kits for those in need.”

Hotels or businesses in the City of Green interested in learning more may call Firemedic Jeremy Chambers at 330-896-6610. Those outside the City of Green are invited to call Greg McNeil at 877-901-3277.  To learn more about the “Community of First Responders” initiative, go to www.cfr.help/intr



Green Drug Task Force

The Green Drug Task Force, formed in 2016, is an all-volunteer group of concerned citizens focused on rising awareness of addictive disorder. The Task Force hosts several educational and prevention programs throughout the year. To learn more, visit www.cityofgreen.org/drug-task-force

The City of Green, Ohio

The City of Green, Ohio, founded in 1992, is a prosperous, progressive and promising city with more than 26,000 residents.  Approximately 33.5 square-miles, Green is located in southern Summit County.    Visit.    Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cityofgreenohio

Cover2 Resources
Cover2 Resources is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit founded in memory of Sam McNeil, who died of a heroin overdose on October 23, 2015. Founder Greg McNeil produces a weekly podcast series about People, Places, and Things making a difference in the opioid epidemic. Through their research, the Cover2 team has identified and helped implement numerous programs to help fight the opioid epidemic in Northeast Ohio. To learn more about their latest initiative, go to www.cfr.help/intro



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