Chasing the Dragon Documentary

Chasing the Dragon Documentary
Begins at 6:00 pm - Ends at 8:00 PM

Chasing the Dragon, a documentary by the FBI and DEA – January 12, 2017 @ 6 p.m. at the Green High School Auditorium

Chasing the Dragon is a 45-minute documentary film that profiles the stories of several people who either abused opiates or had family members become addicts. The documentary produced by the FBI and DEA profiles the cycle of addiction and looks at the tragic consequences associated with opioid abuse.  The documentary also features interviews with medical and law enforcement professionals discussing the effects of the addiction, and how this epidemic is unlike any this country has seen before.

The documentary is targeted at educating high school and above students and young adults.  Because opioid addiction can take hold after the first use, the film is meant to send a message of deterrence to those either thinking of trying drugs or just beginning to use drugs. 

Following the 45-minute documentary, a community discussion will be led by the Green Cities Without Drugs Task Force.   Please note this film contains mature content and some graphic language.