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Cemetery Information

City of Green Cemetery Information

The City of Green has two cemeteries -- Greensburg Cemetery and East Liberty Cemetery.  Greensburg Cemetery is located on Thursby Road. East Liberty Cemetery is located on State Route 619 just west of the Arlington Road and State Route 619 intersection.   Contact Erin Bickett in the Service Department at (330) 896-4176 for more information.

Greensburg CemeteryGreensburg Park

4890 Thursby Rd.
Green, OH 44720

Greensburg Cemetery is located on Thursby Road. East Liberty Cemetery is located on State Route 619 just west of the Arlington Road and State Route 619 intersection. Contact Erin Bickett in the Service Department at (330) 896-4176 for more information.

East Liberty CemeteryEast Liberty Cemetery

740 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd.
Green, Ohio 44319

Lots are currently available for purchase. To purchase a lot, contact the Public Service at (330) 896-4176 or email.

Klinefelter Cemetery

4833-4897 S Arlington Rd. 
Green, Ohio 44720
Klinefelter Cemetery is a historic cemetery maintained by the City of Green.

Cemetery Pricing

Contact the Service Department at (330) 896-4176 for more information, to purchase a plot and schedule a burial.

Resident of Green Lot Prices
Monument Lot with/2 Graves $1,200
Marker Lot with 2 Graves $950
Marker Lot with 1 Grave: $475
Mausoleum (2 Lots/4 Graves): $2,400

Non-Resident of Green Lot Prices
Monument Lot with 2 Graves: $2,200
Marker Lot with 2 Graves: $1,900
Market Lot with 1 Grave: $850
Mausoleum (2 Lots/4Graves): $4,800

Cemetery Opening and Closing Fees for Residents/Non Resident
Monday - Friday Arrival through 3 p.m.: $800/$1,200
Monday - Friday Arrival after 3 p.m.: $1,200/$1,800
Saturday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.: $1,800/$1,800
Burial of Urn: $300/$500
Saturday Burial of Urn 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.: $400/$600
Infant Burial: $150/$150
Disinterment: $2,500/$2,500

Perpetual Fees
Resident $100.00
Non-Resident $200.00

Miscellaneous Fees
Memorial Foundation*:  $0.75 per sq. in.
Deed Transfer Administration Fee: $50
Temporary Planting Box Fee: $250 ($150 renewal)
*Flat granite or bronze veteran markers are exempt from the fee, as a token of the City of Green's appreciation for the service of our veterans.


Cemetary Deeds and Transfers

The Finance Department types the deeds for all cemetery purchases. Transfers of deeds are also handled by the Finance Department. Please contact Finance at (330) 896-6603 for questions regarding purchases and transfers of cemetery deeds. 


Cemetery Rules and Regulations

All cemetery property is sacred ground devoted to the burial of loved ones. A respectful atmosphere shall be maintained at all times.

No person within a municipal cemetery shall:

  • Be present on the cemetery grounds between dusk and dawn without reasonable cause or permission from the Cemetery Sexton / Service Supervisor.
  • Play, loiter or park any vehicle without having official business in the cemetery.
  • Pick any flowers, wild or cultivated, if not owned by such person.
  • Destroy, deface, remove, sit or stand on, or perform any other disrespectful act to any monument, tree, shrub, building, equipment or any other object connected to the cemetery or any object for the purpose of the memory of a person interred in the cemetery.
  • Have pets of any kind on cemetery grounds.
  • Complete Rules and Regulations