• ATT Work on Boettler Rd ATT is having Cook Construction install conduit along the south side of Boettler Road. The work will start within this week and extend to the end of November.

Capital Improvement Plan: 2011-2015 (CIP)

The capital planning process and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) were established to provide a routine process and procedure for identifying, evaluating and advocating the current and future capital needs of the City.  The capital planning process not only provides an orderly and routine method of proposing the planning and financing of capital improvements, but the process also makes capital expenditures more responsible to community needs by informing and involving the public.

By prioritizing projects according to criteria founded in the City's mission and plans, the CIP process also creates a more understandable and defensible investment decision-making process, improves linkages between capital investments and the City's long-term vision and goals, and builds citizen confidence by making a more effective use of City resources.

The CIP plan reflects the capital spending goals presented for consideration.  These projects are input annually (the process begins in July) by the Mayor, City Council, City Directors and Division heads and most importantly, citizens of Green.  To have a project considered for inclusion in this process please contact your City Council representative or the Mayor by July of each fiscal year.

The goal of the CIP is to identify projects that will be funded  in the Capital Budget.  The ranking of CIP projects may be used to influence funding for the annual Capital Budget.  The inclusion of a project in the CIP does not mean it will be completed, funded or purchased.  It is a tool used to identify the best use of City funds with the monies available.