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CAK International Business Park - Phase II Lots 12 & 13

CAK International Business Park - Phase II Lots 12 & 13
Acres: 4.50-11.60
Land Use: Industrial, Commercial/Office
District: Airport District

Lots 12 & 13 are located in Phase II of CAK International Business Park and located near the Akron Canton Airport. This unique park is also home to FTZ #181, allowing users to act outside of the US for specific international trade tax purposes. Sites are shovel ready and can be developed as one site or two.

The park is situated on land owned by the Akron Canton Airport and leased to tenants, allowing tenants the ability to save on upfront land acquisition costs and reduced property taxes (the land is tax exempt since it is owned by the Airport. Only real property improvements are taxable.)

More information available: http://www.cakland.com/vacant-properties/lot-12/