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Operating and Capital Budgets

Operating Budget

The Operating budget is an annual process defining operating expenses for a specific fiscal year.  This budget is based on anticipated receipts.  The Finance Department develops an estimated receipts (tax) budget in June.  Then, the expenditure side of the operating budget begins at the department/division level, usually in late July. 

Projected expenditures for the forthcoming year are submitted to Finance.  These requests and details of each account are reviewed by the Mayor and Finance Director with each Department/Division head.   Then the request for an annual operating budget is given to Council for review and adoption.

Annually, it is a goal of the Finance Department to have the operating budget adopted by City Council at the last public Council meeting of each year.  Meeting this goal allows the immediate expenditure of funds to begin on January 1 of that fiscal year for operating costs. 

Please contact the Finance Department with any questions regarding the operating budget.

2019 Operating Budget

Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) was established to provide a routine process and procedure for identifying, evaluating and advocating the current and future capital needs of the City of Green. 

2019-2023 CIP Plan 

Capital Improvement Plan 2018-2022