• ATT Work on Boettler Rd ATT is having Cook Construction install conduit along the south side of Boettler Road. The work will start within this week and extend to the end of November.

City of Green's Bond Rating

The City of Green is pleased to announce that it has been assigned an undated rating from the rating agency Standard & Poor's for its revenue bonds. The AA+ rating demonstrates to those people who buy the City's debt instruments (notes and bonds) how able the City is to repay the money it borrows. The rating is similar to an individual's credit bureau score from Transunion or Experion. The lower the score, the higher the credit risk. You pay an interest rate that is relational to your credit score. The City's current rating of AA+ is the highest rating Standard & Poors assigns. As a result of the City's score, the City can borrow money at the lowest possible rate available on the market.