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Boettler Park Wetlands

Boettler Park is a popular community park in Green, serving a wide population. The master plan completed by Environmental Design Group a number of years ago suggested a close connection with nature for park users, due to the many natural features on site. The plan called for eventual restoration of a wetland and daylighting of a stream course that fed the wetland before prior farm uses had drained the wetland and installed an extensive tile fi eld. Eventually, it was envisioned that the wetland and stream restoration would become a feature of a trail network in that part of the park. Although the trail had been built, the restoration effort was left uncompleted until recent efforts by Environmental Design Group to restore the features to mitigate for wetland and stream impacts at the Akron-Canton airport nearby.

The plan called for salvaging and relocating impacted wetland plants and soils at the airport site as part of the Boettler Park restoration, daylighting and restoring the stream and its riparian corridor using natural channel principals, restoring the former wetland and modifying the trail system to provide public access to the restoration. The $300,000 park project
was funded by the airport authority as part of a larger project it was undertaking. Overall, 11-acres of stream, riparian corridor, wetland, wetland margins and upland meadow and woodland buffer were restored at the park. Over 1200 feet of stream were restored, as were natural drainage connections to mature existing wetlands nearby. In all over 32,500 trees, shrubs and forbs were planted in addition to specialty seeding for the 11 acre restoration.

In all, the Boettler Wetland project preserved 12.147 acres of existing wetlands in Southgate Park, enhanced 1.134 acres of existing wetland in Boettler, created another 4.676 acres of wetland in Boettler, and daylighted about 1400LF of farm tile to create an ephemeral stream.