Bid Tabulations

2017 Bid Tabulations

HMA Resurfacing  Excel File   PDF

Concrete Pavement Rehabiliation Excel File  PDF

Auxiliary Pavement Marking Project Excel File  PDF

2016 Bid Tabulations

The Box/Hub (Massillon Road/Boettler Road)  Excel File   PDF

Road Resurfacing Excel File  PDF

2015 Bid Tabulations

Koons Road  Excel File PDF

Rolling Greens/Brier Creek Ponds, Phase 2    Excel File     PDF

Boettler Oaks Drive Rehabilitation    Excel File     PDF

Pavement Resurfacing, HMA    Excel File     PDF

Recycled Pavement Resurfacing    Excel File     PDF

Long Line Pavement Markings    Excel File     PDF

Boettler Road Catch Basin    Excel File     PDF

Portage Lakes Career Center Trail    Excel File     PDF

Butterfield Storm Sewer Energy Dissipater    Excel File     PDF

Ironwood Drive Extension    Excel File     PDF

Graybill and Massillon Road Intersection Improvement    Excel File     PDF

South Main Street Storm Sewer Project    Excel File     PDF

Steese Road Multi-Use Trail    Excel File     PDF

2014 Bid Tabulations

Greensburg Park Sanitary Sewer  Excel File  PDF

Boettler Road Catch Basin    Excel File     PDF

Greensburg Park Ballfield    Excel File     PDF

Greensburg/Lauby Road    Excel File     PDF

2014 In-House Paving    Excel File     PDF


2013 Bid Tabulations

Sunnyview/Meadow Wood Project   Excel File   PDF

CAK Project  Excel File   PDF

Melanie-Royce Project  Excel File   PDF

In-House Resurfacing Project   Excel File  PDF

Steese-Shriver Project   Excel File  PDF

Arlington Road Interchange Project   Excel File  PDF

Greensburg (WEST) LPA Resurfacing Project   Excel File   PDF

Steese Wetland  Excel File  PDF

Greensburg (EAST) LPA Resurfacing Project  Excel File  PDF