Each year the City offers Businesses, Individuals and Groups an opportunity to sponsor our beautification sites. The sponsorships are $300.00 ‐ $600.00 each with the funds being used to defray the cost of flowers, mulch, planting and maintenance. Each site listed below has been professionally designed, planted, and maintained.

Sponsorship will include a sign noting the name of the sponsor on the site.
Request for a particular beautification site is determined on a first come – first served basis.


Roundabout – South: Massillon/Steese
Roundabout – North: Massillon/Steese
Roundabout – West: Massillon/Steese
Median – North: Arlington/77
Median – South: Arlington/77
Median – North 1: Massillon/77
Median – North 2: Massillon/77
Median – South 1: Massillon/77
Median – South 2: Massillon/77
Median – North: Lauby/Greensburg Rds
Median – South: Lauby/Greensburg Rds
Median – North: Lauby/Mt. Pleasant Rds
Median – South: Lauby/Mt. Pleasant Rds
Median – North: Caston/Christman Rds
Median – South: Caston/Christman Rds
Median – North: Greensburg/Arlington Rds
Median – South: Greensburg/Arlington Rds
Greensburg Park
Boettler Park
John Torok Community Center

Sponsorship for the Cul‐De‐Sac at the City of Green Central Administration Building is $600.00.