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About The City of Green

Welcome to the City of Green, Ohio. Located in southern Summit Welcome to GreenCounty on the Stark County border, Green was incorporated as a city in 1992. Prior to incorporation, the City was Green Township first established in 1809. A history rich in agriculture, Green is now a suburban community with more than 25,000 residents. Some small farms still dot the landscape amid 530-acres of city-owned parkland, homes and subdivisions, office parks and businesses, and recreation facilities.

In 2007, Green was ranked as the 16th best place to raise a family by businessweek.com. From its top-rated school system to the ample park land and green space to the proximity to higher education and quality healthcare, the residents of Green already knew this was a fabulous place to raise a family. Check out what it’s like to live in Green.

Green At a Glance

Location: In Southern Summit County, Green is bisected by Interstate 77 and is home to the Akron-Canton Airport

Area: Approximately 33.5 square miles

GPS Coordinates: 40°57'2.65"N, -81°28°11.52W


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Form of government: Council/Mayor

Incorporated as a City: April 1, 1992

Social media:

Twitter account @cityofgreen


Total Population: 25,699*

Median Age: 41 years old*

Median Household income: $63,402**

Median home value: $173,400**

Households: 10,070 Total Households*

Average Family Size: 2.54 Persons*

Percent of Population with a Bachelor's Degree or higher: 34.4%**

Population Density: Approximately 767 Persons per sq. mi.*

* all about information provided by the 2010 Census. Additional census information can be obtained at the US Census Bureau or on the City Planning Department webpage.

** 2008-2010 American Community Survey Estimates

Park Land:

  • Ten parks on more than 530-acres.
  • Home to the Portage Lakes State Park.
  • Myersville Fen is only one of many fens, a rare type of wetland, in the state of Ohio.

Economic Vitality:

  • More than 1,200 businesses.
  • Key employers include Diebold, FedEx Custom Critical, Harry London's Candies, United Technologies Aerospace (formerly Goodrich), Hankook Tire Co., and the Akron-Canton Airport.
  • Foreign-trade Zone (FTZ #181), located on Massillon Road (SR 241) behind the Akron-Canton Airport, comprises more than 367 acres of industrially zoned land.
  • Designated as an Enterprise Zone

City Financials:

  • AA+ bond rating from Standard & Poor's for General Obligation Bonds.
  • AAA bond rating from Standard & Poor's for Revenue Bonds.

Green Population Growth:

  • 1970 Census 13,473
  • 1980 Census 17,625
  • 1990 Census 20,587
  • 2000 Census 22,817
  • 2010 Census 25,669


  • CAB in the Spring
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Akron Canton Airport
  • Green High School
  • Heritage Hill Playground