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John Torok Community & Senior Center


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John Torok Community & Senior Center
4224 Massillon Road 
This park features the Green Veterans Memorial Park, 1/2 mile walking path, the Torok Community and Senior Center Facility and a playground


Event Hosting

Do you need a place to host an event such as:
  • Baby Shower
  • Birthday party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Graduation Party
  • Holiday Dinner
  • Retirement party
These are just some of the events hosted at the John Torok Community and Senior Center.
The Center is booked nearly 350 days of the year hosting over 600 separate events annually.

Senior Citizens
The Torok Center is also host to senior citizen activities. Learn more on our Senior Programming page.

Fitness Opportunities & Kid Exercise

The Community Park also provides health and fitness opportunities for residents. The asphalt walking track is always open. Residents looking for an early morning walk or jog in a safe environment or a brisk walk on a cool summer evening, are encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful park amenity.

Additionally, the kids can exercise too on the playground, while their parents or grandparents walk the track.

For further information, please call the Parks office at 330-896-6621.