Why did the City decide to not challenge the FERC approval?

The City is aware 6 to 7 other interested parties and entities have challenged the FERC approval by filing a request for rehearing before FERC. This is an administrative proceeding in which Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) reviews its own actions. The City will continue to collaborate with those groups, such as CORN, the City of Oberlin and the Sierra Club. However, the City chose not to appeal to FERC, but instead chose to concentrate its efforts on challenging the state permit. This decision was based on case law research indicating that challenging the issuance of a certificate before FERC has never been successful.

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1. Is the city still fighting against the nexus pipeline?
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3. Why did the City decide to challenge the environmental permit?
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5. What has the City been doing for the last 6 months?
6. Is it true that the City did not file a request for FERC to reconsideration the issuance of its certificate (approval)?
7. Why did the City decide to not challenge the FERC approval?
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13. Is there anything I can do?
14. What can I do if I have questions?