What all can be recycled.

The list of items is clearly outlined on the Republic Services brochure and the City of Green web site. Please stick to the list. Placing the wrong items into the recycling bin creates an undo expense. Examples of items that are NOT Recyclable are appliances, metal blinds and children’s toys which mistakenly get placed in the cart, causing contaminants.

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1. When will I be able to contact Republic about my account?
2. What color are my Republic carts?
3. When is my last pick up with Kimble? And first pick up with Republic?
4. What should I do with my Kimble carts?
5. When will I get my Republic carts?
6. How will I be billed by Republic?
7. What if I want to take advantage of the Sr. Citizens Discount?
8. Our account doesn’t have our name listed on the invoice.
9. What do I do with any extra Kimble bags?
10. What if all of the material will not fit inside my Trash cart?
11. What if all of the material will not fit inside my Recycling cart?
12. How do I keep up with changes to collection days or weather delays?
13. What all can be recycled.
14. Can I opt out of the Republic contract?
15. Can I get an extra trash cart?