Pittsburg / Mt. Pleasant / Mayfair Roundabout

The Stark County Engineer’s Office is planning intersection improvements at the Pittsburg Avenue, Mt. Pleasant Street, and Mayfair Road intersection in Jackson Township and the City of Green. The purpose of this project is to reduce traffic congestion, improve safety, and provide pedestrian accommodations.

Why was this intersection picked?

Motorists who travel through the existing signalized intersection regularly experience excessive congestion and delays. This intersection was identified as in need of improvement by the Stark County Area Transportation Study (SCATS), which is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Stark County. In 2013, SCATS completed a Transportation and Land Use Study for the northeast portion of Stark County. The purpose of this study was to evaluate and plan for future transportation improvements within the area roughly bounded by Greensburg Road / State Street to the north, SR 241 to the west, Cleveland Avenue/ Main Street to the east, and Portage Street to the south. The study aimed to balance future transportation improvements with future land use to ensure the transportation network will support the anticipated development growth and improve the level of service for existing residents and businesses. The 2013 study included a detailed evaluation of existing and future land uses. The recent development of Dunkin Donuts, COMDOC, Turtle Bay, Redwood condominiums, among others indicates the predictions made by the 2013 SCATS study are beginning to occur. In 2017, the Stark County Engineer’s Office was awarded Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funding (CMAQ) and Transportation Enhancement (TE) funds for 80% of the costs to improve this intersection.

Why is a roundabout being proposed?

The Pittsburg Avenue and Mt. Pleasant Street Intersection Feasibility Study (October 2020) analyzed multiple intersection options including a roundabout and an improved signalized intersection. A roundabout was recommended for the following reasons: The Feasibility Study determined that a roundabout would best handle growth in traffic volumes while improving safety and efficiency at the intersection. Roundabouts improve efficiency by minimizing the time drivers spend navigating the intersection. Roundabouts improve safety because the geometry is designed to create a low speed environment while navigating, exiting, and entering the circulatory roadway. By comparison, at a signalized intersection, motorists travel through the intersection at higher speeds and “T-bone” and left turn crashes, which are typically the most severe crash types, may occur. The proposed roundabout will have a smaller footprint. To achieve adequate Levels of Service, which is a measure of vehicular delay at an intersection, with a traditional signalized intersection would require several additional turn lanes. These additional lanes would have a larger footprint and greater impacts on surrounding properties than the proposed roundabout.

Proposed Roundabout Improvements

The existing traffic signal at Pittsburg Avenue and Mt. Pleasant Street will be replaced by a multi-lane roundabout. There will be two roundabout approach lanes on Pittsburg Avenue, Mayfair Road, and the east leg of Mt. Pleasant Street. There will be three approach lanes on the west leg of Mt. Pleasant Street. Roundabout improvements will include replacement of storm sewers, new concrete curb and gutter, new signing, new pavement markings, and the addition of a sidewalk with an ADA-accessible crossing on Pittsburg Avenue.

Project Schedule

  • The proposed project schedule is preliminary and subject to funding availability:  Construction Plans Completed: Spring 2022 Right-of-Way Acquisition: Spring/Summer 2022
  • Utility Relocation: 2022-2023
  • Construction: March 2023 to November 2023

Project Cost

The overall project construction cost is estimated at $3.375 million. Up to $2.7 million of the construction cost will be funded federally. A detailed construction cost estimate will be developed during later stages of design.

This project is being managed by the Stark County Engineer's Office.

For additional information please visit the Stark County Engineer's website at https://www.starkcountyohio.gov/engineer.

Stark County Engineer's Press Release 04/02/2021